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I have decided NOT to create an anonymous journal. At least, not for the reasons which I was considering. Instead, I'm going to try to keep a personal journal. These days it seems so difficult to find the time for anything, but I think that's much better than putting private and personal details out on the internet. Perhaps, they might help someone, but if that's the case, then I should be able to post them under my own name. At least, that's how I am feeling today.

I have also decided that I want to be a little more informative of my viewpoints. When I considered bleeding heart liberal a term to describe me well, I had several misconceptions. The greatest of which was that the Republican party (and therefore all conservatives) were essentially Purebloods in the Harry Potter series. You could sum them up by saying they clung to old ways simply because they were either time long held or else it gave them more power. Now, I'm sure there are people who are like that. And I know there are Republicans that feel that way. Ironically, I would label these politicians: Progressive Republicans. People like John McCain. But I have found that a lot of conservatives don't feel this way at all. They aren't tattooing themselves and pledging allegiance to the Dark Lord.

Additionally, it's frustrating to me to try to have a conversation with anyone these days who doesn't know what a Progressive is. So I'm going to do my best to define the political term. I think you'd be surprised to find out that they aren't all their name implies. Much like the Affordable Care Act isn't exactly affordable either. But you give something a benign name and force your opponents to come up with the burden of proof.

I'd also like to list the things that conservatives believe. I can't consider myself a Republican, because frankly the party isn't standing for the things I believe in. John McCain is nothing like what I'd want in a president. He is much better than the current one, but he's not my ideal for sure. And I'm tired of people repeating the same old media talking points as though the media were unbiased.

I know most people in this country don't care about listening to the other side. Conservatives are aligned with the Dark Lord and that's it. They don't care about people. How could they possibly care about people if they want the government to shut down. Much less, they would welcome these non-essential jobs to go away. How heartless to suggest taking jobs from others. And yet, it's so easy to watch a business shut down and shrug and say the economy is hard and that's just how it is. Except, it's never like that for the government, is it? And it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And then we have to paint ourselves into a corner talking about Obamacare. Because the stinking thing hasn't even fully bloomed yet so we can only talk in supposition. And instead of having a rational conversation, we get things thrown in our face. The same rhetoric from the President, which is very shady. Yes, it's the law and has been for three years. So were Jim Crow laws. Remember when slavery was legal? Was it the right thing to do? Do we have the money to fund it right now. They are giving so many exemptions to political groups right now, why can't we do that for a year to make sure everything is in place? But instead, he's going to go out and blame the GOP in Congress. The ones who have the Constitutional right to decide what gets funded. Thirteen Trillion Dollars in debt and let's raise the debt ceiling and let's keep printing more money.

I get it! There are sick people out there who need this bill. There are government employees who are suffering without jobs right now. But guys, there will always be sick people and there will always be people suffering without jobs. Can we stop shouting that for two seconds and just logically look at the facts without getting bogged back down into the "We can't let a single person suffer at all ever!" Since when was that the job of the government? Life is hard. It's not always fair. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but that doesn't mean that we just press ahead spending money we don't have.

And so, I want to define the Progressives because that's exactly what they do. They get you so frothing at the mouth at the other side that you join them. The best part is that they'll shout and point fingers at the other side for doing something "despicable" and yet they are the very ones doing it!

Here's a recent example with Harry Reid. When asked if the House would pass a resolution to allow children with cancer into clinical trials, all he can do is repeat the talking points that he knows he's supposed to hit. That is to blame the Republicans. And then, when she keeps asking he says "Why would I want to do that?" Obviously, he has no answer to her. He has no intention of doing what she asks because he's not in touch with reality or his base or children with cancer. The whole point is that he's not going to do anything for anyone until it's clear that it's all the fault of the Republicans and they make the first move by doing the only thing that won't get veto'd or turned down.

Any way, those a few recent decisions.

Survey Meme

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 03:37 pm
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Oooo the wrongly named Controversy Survey. Lawl.

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My defense on my DK is looking amazing! Nearly to 540 now. I do miss bear tanking. I knew how to do it. Yesterday I was doing an AoE and breaking sheep the whole time, but I didn't even realize it. I had just respecced and used the spell rotation listed. Oops, one of those spells was for AoE tanking. I have so much to learn as a new class. I think I'm going to be changing my spec again, 3rd time since hitting 80. I want a little more Blood/healing. But I need to try a few things out when the servers come back up.

OMG I need to go to the DMV. I think our registration expired on the car and I don't remember getting the letter to renew. It just popped up in our bill reminder in MS Money and I keep forgetting to go get it renewed.
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I'm addicted to Talk Radio. I have an addictive personality. I have a tendency to really get into something and then get sick of it after a bit. We'll see how things go.

LOL Rush. He totally just took my phrase! Jerk. XD

I feel bad for Dems that were like "I'm not voting for Hilary." Oh well. You're getting her anyway. Her and her husband. You've got to wonder if that wasn't part of the deal, but then she did say some pretty harsh things to Barrack. (Oh and I have to use Barrack because I have heard Obama so much lately the word has lost its meaning. You know when you hear or say a word so many times that it starts to sound weird? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.) They were very critical statements which makes it really weird that he wanted her.

Of course, as some have already heard, it's not surprising given how many Clinton White Housers have been tapped for the Obama White House. He's starting to look like a talking head with the change campaign phrase. So far, it's looking like change back. We'll see, of course.

So the CEOs of the Big Three Automakers are going to carpool together to their next congressional meeting. I totally have images of a little car and three execs crammed in. That is totally not how it will be, but the image is lawlarious.

I was also going to make a comment about fiscal spending and responsibility, but whatever. There it is.

Why is it that Americans have such a sense of entitlement? Everyone else has such and such, we need it too.

In more fun news, WoW news, that is, our guild attempted 25 man Naxx last night. I think they got through the 1st wing and then the boss on the 2nd wing. Matt and I are still leveling so we weren't there, but we've been out of the game for nearly a year so we're not looking to steal raid positions.

My DK hit 70 on Saturday and we swamped out his DK for his priest. I am not looking forward to playing my druid. Anyway, his priest had tons of rest XP so he's already into 74, while my DK is 73. Leveling will probably slow now though with our vacation officially ended.

ETA I realized that I really need some EWF Greatest Hits. I would say shame on me for not buying any of these albums before, but I didn't need them in the past. I could just listen to my mom's albums. Sad face.
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I got my present today. The funny thing was that I picked it up myself too. I'm so, so, so really, very happy to finally have my own laptop! It took me hours to get everything loaded and all of the settings right, but I think I finally have it. I still have a few games I want to load as in Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I am just overjoyed to finally have ITunes up and running. I made the terrible mistake of trying to a) import my library from my desktop and b) get Genius working. Neither of those should be updating while you are trying to do anything else on your computer.

Also I had never realized just how large my desktop monitor was until I stared at this one. Now I'm roving all over trying to find text on that one.

And now for the TR news. I've been struggling with having anything to say in the game. I love my pups, but real life or rather REAL LIFE has been stamping out anything creative I've felt. I'm glad I got my post in before reading my flist because I'm again wiped out and bowled over now. I think though I can say that I'm back.

I know it's expected, but I really don't want to weigh in on the latest commentary about Prop 8. Cut for Length )

Also in the REAL LIFE and marriage column, there's a divorce looming somewhere over there that has me heartbroken. I hate that it is going to affect so many people. Mostly I hate being powerless to stop it. I wish I could do or say something other than what I'm doing. Vagueness.


Saturday, November 8th, 2008 09:47 am
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Not the show as in the other meaning. Though the show is adorable.

This is the one I meant the other day, the Fairness Doctrine.

Shire News Network is LOLtastic. Use of the words "breeds enough Eeyores" and a campaign ad for Col Tigh. Don't get me wrong. It's still a satirical, conservative show, but satirical! I love sarcasm and satire and really, really lame puns. Like when my dentist said "We're rooting for you," I laughed.

This is old news, but LOL to Rahmbo! That's a great name. And Josh Lyman is based on him. I'm just waiting to see Ainsley in the White House.

Also did anyone have trick-or-treaters this year? We never get them so that wasn't a surprise. However, my mom didn't have any at all and she usually has one after another. My in-laws didn't have any either and they usually have a few.


Friday, November 7th, 2008 09:52 am
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I miss those good old shows of the 80s and 90s that came on during TGIF. Step-by-Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs. It's not that these were wonderful shows, it's just the celebration of Friday night tv. Stinking X-Files--that comment being ironic because I was an X-Phile.

So Wednesday I outed myself as being a right-wing conservative. (Not that this was a surprise for some of you.) My amiable attitude makes me want to crawl back into a hole and hide because I truly hate offending people and I really want folks to like me. However, I'm moving on, learning and growing and pushing forward.

Free Speech Protection Act
The latest Obama administration plan that has conservatives up in arms cut for length )

I'm out of time for now, but later I might mention this call I heard the other day listening to the radio show, Stand To Reason. It was very interesting.

Everyone have a great Friday!


(no subject)

Saturday, November 1st, 2008 12:05 am
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If we go socialist, I am totally quitting my job. I'm not letting my drug dealing neighbor get a free ride for free. I mean I guess he must work hard at keeping up with the two or three houses he has and marketing his drugs, paying off the cops or whatever else he has. I mean he can't be expected to get a job, he doesn't have time for that with all the drug running. Besides, he's probably got a record and what hard work doesn't fix, felonies can remedy.

But it's also not fair for my mom's neighbor to get a free ride because she had three of those things most people don't want, but I really want but haven't had any yet. Yup. Vagueness right there at that one part.

Socialism totally works for China.

I'm just saying that I've totally reversed my position from four years ago. I like keeping my money whatever Daddy POW Warbucks says.

~I rehabilitate dogs. I train people. I am the Dog Whisperer. Tch.

Early Voting

Monday, October 20th, 2008 10:05 pm
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So we went down to vote early. The lady at the registration table says "You have a weird name." Well thanks, you have a weird face now give me my ballot.

Hello. It's not some weird voter's registration card. This is a state license with my signature on it. I'm also 28 and I've brought my husband who does not have a weird name. I also think there are weirder names than "Janina." I might have been more concerned if I came in with a license that read "Mickey Mouse," "Olive Oyle," "Pluto," "Grumpy Bear" or "Cookie Monster."

I don't mind them checking, but could you just check without the lovely comments about my name that I've had for 28 years and like quite nicely? KThx


Friday, October 17th, 2008 09:38 am
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The LJ QotD is funny. And only in a completely geeky, TR kind of way. We don't have a Jon Stewart. XD

Obama wasn't as funny. Probably because he doesn't have angry, white man syndrome to overcome. He also wasn't as endearing, but that's ok. My favorite parts were when he knew enough about Superman to quote his story.

"Contrary to what you've heard, I wasn't born in a manager. I was born on Krypton. My father, Jor-El sent me."
"I may suffer from being too awesome."

I liked McCain's self deprecating. Probably because I like self-deprecating types better. Yes, Pacey is #1 compared to Zack at #2 because Pacey is self-deprecating and Zack is a smug and full of himself. And Hiro is an idiot who will get us all killed. At least he's stopped going into the past. Except for that one time which hasn't happened, but I predict will.

TR relatedly, going to a football game tonight. That means my tags will be even slower than they have been lately. Also Zack is sick, but recovering. He doesn't want to go to the ball, but he may end up there because it'll be good for him. Pacey will probably go because it's Pacey. We'll see about Hiro. At some point, he needs to accidentally get drunk around Adam. That may be more conducive for conversation.

And I am off tomorrow! YAY!

Debates and TV

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 11:27 pm
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Forced to watch the debate. Ugh. I really don't care.

And since I have new people on the flist, I'll give some explanations and be bit more long winded than usual. And more political than usual.

I know about both candidates from the last presidential election. Yes, I know that sounds silly. But Obama was going to be the next presidential candidate for Democrats back in 2004. They'd called him that. I can claim that because I went to rallies and was overall extremely active. I think I even made some phone calls for Kerry that year. Wow. I was so industrious! But already Obama was being touted as the next one.

And McCain is a republicrat. He's not conservative enough for the conservatives and he's not liberal enough for the liberals. Plus he has Palin.

That said, I thought McCain did a better job of staying on topic than Obama. Or at least bringing the facts. He gets old man points from me and I know that's not fair, but it's true. So he stretched Down Syndrome into also knowing what Autism was like. Apparently one birth defect is the same as the next. But he didn't mean that women's health is unimportant. He meant that people have stretched the woman's health concern to allow nearly these late-term abortions. Late-term abortion should be reserved for when the woman's health is in danger IE she will die if she carries the baby to term. That was his point.

I dislike Obama because he wants to do a lot of things with which I disagree. I dislike McCain less because he wants to do some of the things I like, but also some things I don't like.

Enough about that. I was mostly bored and it didn't change my mind. Unlike what all of the news networks would have you believe.

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Friday, September 26th, 2008 11:44 pm
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So everyone (and their little dogs too) have posted about the debates. Mostly it's one said saying the other couldn't have possibly won. Nothing wrong with debate. We need debate and competition (even if I am not good at either).

But I'm just saying that the debates ... meh.

Now if one of the candidates started singing any musical number from any musical, well that would have determined the winner.

Some ideas that sprang to mind:

Seasons of Love from Rent
Tomorrow and/or the Finale from Annie
Defying Gravity from Wicked
Summer Nights from Grease
Breaking Free from High School Musical
I Don't Dance from High School Musical 2
Do Ray Mi from The Sound of Music

But honestly any song would have been awesome. Musicals are so much cooler.

Is there really anything cooler than ending on a big finish musical number?

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