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Thursday, September 11th, 2008 09:58 am
basildestiny: (Shep Hush Face)
This needs a Shep icon. There really needs to be more Shep icons in the world. And Steve Burton, but I'm getting off track. I'm hoping to buy a paid account before September ends. Wake me up before September ends ...

That was a little stream of consciousness-esque wasn't it?

I finished Bridget Jones's Diary. My favorite parts were the fact that Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were both mentioned in the book. I was, of course, picturing Daniel as Hugh and Mark as Colin. (Much ♥ for Colin) For the most part, I enjoyed how the movie flowed much better, but the book ending was just delicious! It also was a really easy read. I have had like no time this week to read and have really only read during my lunch (30 minutes) or my 15 minute breaks which usually end up with about 8-6 minutes of reading time. So you could easily fit it into a busy schedule if you wanted.

I think next I'm going to reread The Joy Luck Club. I haven't read that since maybe junior year of high school if not the first year after graduation. I can't remember exactly.

I want to get to a few tags before I go to work so I need to stop updating now. XD Curse of the never having enough time in the morning syndrome.

ETA: Ok so I read drabbles instead of tagging. I will be late if I do either so tagging back probably after lunch.

ETA2: No excuse for not mentioning this in my original post. It's 9-11. The 7 year anniversary of it. We had some local bikers ride for funds for it. I was sleeping when it happened. I heard it on the radio and thought in my half asleep state it was a joke. I wanted it to be a joke. Thankfully my brother was not flying at the time, something that I thought was very odd. Because I was a conspiracy theorist. His time assigned to the local Marine Corps recruiter was extended at the last minute. It seemed all suspicious at the time.

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