Thursday, November 6th, 2008 10:50 pm
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So I've spent the past two days making this chicken and dumplings. I started on Tuesday by cooking the chicken, legs and thighs, then pulling the meat off. Very tedious. Then the water was cut off. I added some vegetables and then a few dumplings, but most of my water evaporated so I had to turn it off. Day two I added the rest of my dumplings, but sadly at some point of reheating, everything on the bottom of the pot burned.

I only got one bowl of my amazingly delicious soup.

So the dogs got a new delicious item on their menu. At least, they enjoyed it. They all ate it quickly whereas they usually eat 2/3 of their food and then meander around and guard it from each other for a bit. Always good when they just eat it all. Less work for me in that I don't have to pick up their bowls ten minutes after putting them down.

ETA Mint Chocolate Cookie MilkQuake from Krystal's is wonderful! Pumpkin Pie is also pretty good.

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Monday, October 20th, 2008 02:54 pm
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So I got up early at 10:30 this morning. That is early because it's my day off. But so far I have done NOTHING! That's not true entirely. I have done a lot of work at my desk including balancing the checkbook.

My goals for the day include:
-vacuum the house
-carpet clean the living room
-clear off the dining table from all of my junk that I've put on it
-empty the dishwasher
-clean up the computer room

For my goals tomorrow:
-SHOPPING at Wal-mart for household items, the butcher, the farmer's market
I used to one stop shop at Wal-Mart, but the butcher and the farmer's market has better deals. I get a great deal for $35 at the butcher's shop called Meat for a Week, but it lasts us two weeks. My favorite is the roast. Mmmm
-Finish whatever didn't get finished today

I started researching PCOS again. It just makes me want to get the by-pass surgery. I used to think that was just for lazy people, but a) I am a lazy person and b) this is going to be such a whole life yo-yo battle.

I need to shift my priorities. When I'm home, the last thing I do is eat. Much less make sure I'm eating right. But that's needs to be my top priority. I've been doing much better lately with making sure I have fresh fruits and vegetables in the house. And I've found that I have really liked eating an apple after dinner. I made some delicious cooked apples Thursday night for dessert. My husband didn't think he'd like them, but he ate all of the leftovers!

I think right now I need to forget the cleaning and go shopping. I need to pick up food, eat something myself and come back ready to tackle the housework.

I think the PCOS will be either a great motivator or a great crutch and I need to decide which one I'm going to let it be.

TR related I think I'm going to have to FTB on some stuff. After this weekend, I'm just not in the mood to pick up a lot of older threads. I want to move on to new stuff.

I am obsessed with this song

Also I made my new LJ customizations to this song. And it's my Myspace profile song. I love that a) they sound so much like Relient K (melodies and piano) and b) they are from TN, Chattanooga to be exact.

ETA I forgot to dog update. I took Kira and Connor to the vet last week. Took them to my favorite vet. He hooked me up with this amazing ear cleaner that Connor LOVES! And he's been feeling so much better now that his ears aren't bothering him. He's been playing a lot more.

We took all four of them to the dog park yesterday. I brought Chakotay's soccer ball and some kid had a bunch of fun playing with him. Unfortunately, the kid didn't listen to me when I said not to throw the ball so I had to confiscate it for a short bit. Chakotay has high drive, even if he's fall over tired, he's going to go after the ball if it's thrown. And we saw three toy poodles in black, silver and white. They were so adorable! Matt even thought they were cute. They came over and said hello to him and were just so small and darling. (Eventually two St Bernards showed up and the poodles didn't get along with them.) We also saw Butter who is a mini poodle and is just to the softest, sweetest dog. We saw Butter last week too.
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The video that inspired me to want more GSDs.

I've made plans to go to the Trail of Doom!! This weekend. Could it have a cooler name? I'm not really the kind of person who likes being scared, but whatever. I'm doing it.

And since we're going to that, we might as well make plans to go to A Haunted House too, right?

There's also A Haunted Cave, but I don't know if we'll have the time or the money to go to all of these events.

My 10 Year High School Reunion is also in October. (It has also been 10 years for Matt, but he only went to his High School for a year so we aren't going to it.) That will be October 17th-18th so right in the middle of all of these events.

We went to Puleo's Grill yesterday. I'd never been and had heard mixed reviews. But I delightfully surprised. The food tasted fresh and delicious. Matt got fish and chips. You know those are either delicious and fresh or terrible and frozen/reheated. I had a seafood ravioli which was also delicious. The bread was fresh baked and the butter was softened! My only complaint was the the food came out too fast! And there was a lot of it. Both hardly complaints from my standpoint.

Now I'm off to cook dinner: spaghetti with eggplant.

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Monday, September 29th, 2008 12:59 pm
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I actually have four days off this week! I tried to sleep in, but I wasn't really getting any good sleep and eventually it was just too painful to stay in bed any longer.

We bought a floor lamp for the living room yesterday. It's one of those touch sensor lamps and only cost $25. I count that as a great deal!

We also spent $60 on toys for our dogs. I like my pets, but I never considered myself one of those people. Honestly it was a good investment. The dogs, namely the German Shepherd, have been tearing the house apart when we are not here so this should be a good distraction. Oh and while we saw this fella. I said that he looked like a Corgi (Cardigan corgi)/Jack Russell Terrier mix. My sweet husband said that he didn't look like Corgi. When we got closer to the rescue people, I asked them what mix he was. Of course I was right. Matt said he should have known better than to argue with me about dog breeds. To which, I completely agree. He usually counts on me to name the breeds in a mix. Yogi is really cute, but thankfully he is already in rescue and we have enough dogs as it is.

Of course all of this dog talk has me looking at rescue groups and YouTube videos. Our next dog is supposed to be a rescued Collie. The funny thing about that is the lady that sits across from me at work also does volunteer work and helps run the local Collie Rescue group! But look at videos has made me really want two German Shepherds. I think that may be the first dog I get when we have a farm. If it's a female, her name will be Teyla. If I get a male, he will probably be all Black and named Zack. Indeed.

I have sufficiently managed to waste a good amount of time now on the internet. Isn't that awesome?

TV Shows
I should mention this because we've been playing catch up a little.

Fringe - I really like this show. Joshua Jackson is awesome as Peter Bishop. The sarcasm and smugness is wonderful. I'm not so happy with the plot twist they've given him, but it was expected. Walter Bishop is just a blast. He's so funny. And I love that they have a character named Astrid!

Good show. I love the pacing. I love the X-Files theme without the X-Files cheesiness.

The Unit - Just started watching this last night. I've seen the show randomly on CBS and wasn't impressed with the coloring of the show. I know that's a silly reason to throw you off a show, but that's how it was. Now that I've watched half of season 1 all the way through, I understand why it has the awkward coloring. Certain scenes are like that to give you the impression they are out in the field. Or it's a flashback.

I'm not so impressed by Robert Patrick's character flaw, but otherwise I like him. It's a very character driven show. Molly Blaine is definitely one of my favorite characters.

Dexter - Wasn't very impressed by the season premiere. Too many explicit scenes, plz just FTB on those, kthx. Jimmy Smits was looking particularly Hispanic. I thought they did a great job with the makeup or maybe it was lack of makeup? I don't know exactly. He just usually doesn't look that ethnic. Probably the trouble with being an actor, sometimes you just have to look American. I just felt kind of Meh about it.

The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - It's been very suspenseful. I honestly can't find much to say about the show. Matt likes it so we watch it. It has action and some suspense, but I just don't like the premise of the show. I wouldn't watch it if he didn't enjoy it.

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 01:21 pm
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I'm terrible! I've been browsing Craig's list. Which is a bad, bad thing for me.

One of our rewards for getting out of debt is that I get another dog. The idea being that once out of debt, we'll be moving to a house with plenty of land for five dogs. I have pretty much settled on getting a collie from rescue. The one I was looking at in Houston has been adopted and I am really glad about that. So now I can look at females. I really want a female collie at this point. Unfortunately all of the ones I like are male. We already have three of those.

On Craig's list, there are at least six dogs I wish I could help:

-Two 1 1/2 year old German Shepherds. One is black with tan markings which I think is just such a beautiful coloration. This person has obedience trained the dog and everything, but is going to law school and can't take the dog. (A reason I think is invalid, but at least they are trying to find a good home.) The other German Shepherd has to go because the owner is having a baby. (Yep, that age old lame excuse.)

-There's a 15-16 week old Collie. He's purebred and beautiful! Just a $100 rehome fee because she can't afford him anymore.

-Then there's a female Golden Retriever that doesn't get along with the male in the home because he's jealous. (This is just an issue of not integrating the dogs--dominance issues. The older dog thinks he can attack the newer dog and the owners don't know how to deal with it.)

-There's another Golden with a small animal rescue group, but he's with a rescue group so I'm not worried about him too much.

-There's a beautiful pair of short-haired dachshunds. One black and tan and the other tan with fluff on his tail and ears. No reason listed for giving them up until you call or email. These guys will probably make it into rescue. They are gorgeous. Apparently the owner's aunt bred them.

Now we do have a collie rescue and a golden retriever rescue, but I'm worried the Golden Retriever rescue might be full. There aren't many collies right now and a puppy would be way too easy to rehome just as long as this person gets it there. However, there are no local German Shepherd Rescue groups. I don't think we even have one in this state.

I just read the stupidest ad. I know these people can't help it because it's a free site and all of the sad pet owners turn out, but seriously. These people just downsized their yard and need to rehome their outside dog. Wow.

We can't take any of these dogs, but it especially breaks my heart when my favorite breeds are in trouble. Not to mention the dozen or so other dogs listed. And 3 dozen cats.

In future, I hope to be able to foster dachshunds and cocker spaniels. Maybe I could see about setting up some kind of German Shepherd rescue even. And we'll definitely be rescuing animals near us when move, but until then I just get to be sad at the listings.

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 04:09 pm
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Icon purge complete. I spent entirely too much time on LJ, but that's just how it is when I have days off. I get lazy! Which means I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house. I also switched back to another older layout. I don't care for the top graphic, but I like the layout of the links and the spacing of the journal itself. Oh! And I actually made some icons I like this time.

Oddly I was able to upload all of the icons I wanted within the 15 icon limit. I have so many pretty Zack ones that I was tempted to upload more for him. Also oddly, I paid for a month of service on an RP journal and not my personal journal. And with it being body switch plot, someone else is getting more use out of my newly uploaded icons! But I'm glad someone else is enjoying them or at least using 'em. And I'm enjoying being able to track comments. I hope to support LJ more in the coming months. With truck repair and water heater replacement, we're being cautious with our spending. Four dollars I can spend, but thirty-five on a journal seems excessive.

Chakotay hasn't been feeling well the past few days. He's been in pain. This means that he lays around moaning and crying and grumbling. His pain meds make him feel a little better, but he just can't find comfortable places on the ground. He is also extremely clingy. He constantly wants reassurance so he sticks his nose into everything I'm doing to get attention.

Connor's ears continue to bother him.

My brother and his girlfriend stopped by last night. Chakotay was friendly and chompy. We play with him too roughly and don't have enough company over to teach him proper stranger greeting manners. But he isn't suspicious or stand-offish or confrontational. I'm glad he's so well balanced.

Well I hate to do it, but I have a mound of laundry calling my name. So here goes...

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Monday, July 21st, 2008 01:35 pm
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Yay! I have three days off this week! I'm so happy to have time off, not so happy that I won't get the extra hour pay.

My brother will be back in town from Iraq (where he works for a contractor). Maybe today or some time tomorrow. We're going to a cookout tomorrow night at his girlfriend's house to welcome him home. He's back in town for his best friend's wedding on Saturday. I have that day off so I will be going. My brother will be the best man. And his friend who is getting married was the DJ at our wedding.

I LOVE corgis! They are just too adorable.

Tucker's breeder has several adorable puppies available right now. Including another litter from Tucker's parents, Faith and Llewy. I just love the black headed tri girl.

But my next dog is already lined up. When we get out of debt, I am getting a Collie. There's one still in Houston who will be named Zack if he's still there when I can rescue him. Otherwise I'll be adopting from a closer rescue group. And I will probably rescue a female since we have three boys already and name her Teyla.

Connor has another ear infection. He has been battling this one for a couple of weeks now. This has been the cycle since I got him. A rant ensues regarding veterinary care )

Well that turned into a rant. It makes me angry when my pet is suffering and the doctors think I'm just being overly sensitive. I guess I'll go call and see if Dr. Allen is in today.

ETA: I really don't like the way the receptionists are overworked at that clinic. Apparently an ear infection is something that can be scheduled for as far away as Thursday. I have to work on Thursday so how about Wednesday at 11? I know I had to keep talking over my German Shepherd who was being obnoxious as soon as I got on the phone, but whatever I say! Once again a case of me not being direct. What do you have today or tomorrow, I should have said. Oh well, I'll just keep doing what I do for Connor and maybe bring Kira in for her annual check up.
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Well... our guest dog's name was Sassy. I called around to a bunch of clinics when I got up. Unfortunately two of them were closed so no luck. I thought I would call the Anderson County Health Department because that's what the Tri-County Animal Clinic said to do when I called Saturday. I spoke with a very helpful woman who suggested I call the Shelter--they aren't open on Mondays so she said to try the Courthouse. Of course Anderson County Health Dept is in Clinton and I live in Oak Ridge. So calling the Clinton Courthouse about an animal registered in Oak Ridge wasn't going to be very helpful. Finally I gave up and called the Emergency Animal Control number. This routed me to the Police Dept. I was a little embarrassed since it wasn't a real emergency, but I also have to work tomorrow so I had to get this dog home today. When I said it was a Pit Bull mix, she said they had an operator there who was missing a pit bull and she would give her my information and she would call me back in just a minute.

When she called back, she asked if she had a collar. I said she did. And she asked if she was handicapped, which she is. Her name is Sassy and her mom just came by and picked her up. Apparently she does not like fireworks in the least and escaped through the fence on Friday night. She lives in the area that I found her in, but I'm glad I picked her up because she just wouldn't have been able to avoid a car if it had gone flying down that hill (as cars often do on that road).

So things ended very well. Sassy was in our home Saturday to Monday in a nice air conditioned home with water and food and towels to lie on. Rather than roaming a neighborhood or worse. And I feel like I got to pay forward my dog being lost last fourth of July. My dog is completely skittish of people, but thankfully she got trapped in a fenced-in yard and someone called us. Sassy's mom cried on the phone when she realized it was her dog and she drove over immediately.

And now to take some dog pictures as promised over the weekend.

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