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Saturday, August 30th, 2008 11:14 pm
basildestiny: (Wolfy Cloud)
Advent Children Cloud Spirit for this post. (I have no idea why I like explaining my icon choices.)

The Advent Children soundtrack has been really great for the current moods I've found myself in lately. At work, I was in rare form. My friend, Tina, told me that she though all our customers had taken Cranky Pills. They probably had, but for some reason today, they were all just too adorable to me. I think given the week I've had, it was nice to be distracted by such mundane things as "I can't find my receipt for this return" or "I can't look up this customer's credit card number." Really though I did have some adorable customers today. They just needed a little picking up and dusting off to get them on their merry way.

The thing that I'll miss about the family friend, C, is that she was always happy and cheerful. I never saw her in a grumpy or cranky mood. That's really rare. And as they said of her at the memorial, she never met a stranger. She really never did. She said hello to everyone. I think those are two attributes I want to remember and honor of hers. To say hello to more people that I might otherwise write off. And to be friendly.

I wore my Cloud shirt today. I've had this shirt for a year or so. It's Grumpy Bear and it reads "Always Grumpy." I think it needs to be used on TR.

I think TR also needs a Reno. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Enable, Enable.

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