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I have decided NOT to create an anonymous journal. At least, not for the reasons which I was considering. Instead, I'm going to try to keep a personal journal. These days it seems so difficult to find the time for anything, but I think that's much better than putting private and personal details out on the internet. Perhaps, they might help someone, but if that's the case, then I should be able to post them under my own name. At least, that's how I am feeling today.

I have also decided that I want to be a little more informative of my viewpoints. When I considered bleeding heart liberal a term to describe me well, I had several misconceptions. The greatest of which was that the Republican party (and therefore all conservatives) were essentially Purebloods in the Harry Potter series. You could sum them up by saying they clung to old ways simply because they were either time long held or else it gave them more power. Now, I'm sure there are people who are like that. And I know there are Republicans that feel that way. Ironically, I would label these politicians: Progressive Republicans. People like John McCain. But I have found that a lot of conservatives don't feel this way at all. They aren't tattooing themselves and pledging allegiance to the Dark Lord.

Additionally, it's frustrating to me to try to have a conversation with anyone these days who doesn't know what a Progressive is. So I'm going to do my best to define the political term. I think you'd be surprised to find out that they aren't all their name implies. Much like the Affordable Care Act isn't exactly affordable either. But you give something a benign name and force your opponents to come up with the burden of proof.

I'd also like to list the things that conservatives believe. I can't consider myself a Republican, because frankly the party isn't standing for the things I believe in. John McCain is nothing like what I'd want in a president. He is much better than the current one, but he's not my ideal for sure. And I'm tired of people repeating the same old media talking points as though the media were unbiased.

I know most people in this country don't care about listening to the other side. Conservatives are aligned with the Dark Lord and that's it. They don't care about people. How could they possibly care about people if they want the government to shut down. Much less, they would welcome these non-essential jobs to go away. How heartless to suggest taking jobs from others. And yet, it's so easy to watch a business shut down and shrug and say the economy is hard and that's just how it is. Except, it's never like that for the government, is it? And it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And then we have to paint ourselves into a corner talking about Obamacare. Because the stinking thing hasn't even fully bloomed yet so we can only talk in supposition. And instead of having a rational conversation, we get things thrown in our face. The same rhetoric from the President, which is very shady. Yes, it's the law and has been for three years. So were Jim Crow laws. Remember when slavery was legal? Was it the right thing to do? Do we have the money to fund it right now. They are giving so many exemptions to political groups right now, why can't we do that for a year to make sure everything is in place? But instead, he's going to go out and blame the GOP in Congress. The ones who have the Constitutional right to decide what gets funded. Thirteen Trillion Dollars in debt and let's raise the debt ceiling and let's keep printing more money.

I get it! There are sick people out there who need this bill. There are government employees who are suffering without jobs right now. But guys, there will always be sick people and there will always be people suffering without jobs. Can we stop shouting that for two seconds and just logically look at the facts without getting bogged back down into the "We can't let a single person suffer at all ever!" Since when was that the job of the government? Life is hard. It's not always fair. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but that doesn't mean that we just press ahead spending money we don't have.

And so, I want to define the Progressives because that's exactly what they do. They get you so frothing at the mouth at the other side that you join them. The best part is that they'll shout and point fingers at the other side for doing something "despicable" and yet they are the very ones doing it!

Here's a recent example with Harry Reid. When asked if the House would pass a resolution to allow children with cancer into clinical trials, all he can do is repeat the talking points that he knows he's supposed to hit. That is to blame the Republicans. And then, when she keeps asking he says "Why would I want to do that?" Obviously, he has no answer to her. He has no intention of doing what she asks because he's not in touch with reality or his base or children with cancer. The whole point is that he's not going to do anything for anyone until it's clear that it's all the fault of the Republicans and they make the first move by doing the only thing that won't get veto'd or turned down.

Any way, those a few recent decisions.

Movies & Morals

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 02:10 am
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I'm back. A lot of people left livejournal for other sites. I considered leaving blogging altogether. But I find that journaling has always been an important part of my life. I used to keep diaries and then journals. I need to organize my thoughts. I need some quiet, down time every little while to just sift through it all and remember the important events. Even comment on a few of them.

So in the meantime since my last entry, my twins were born. I'm not going to go back over the four months since their arrival in a day by day, event by event rundown. It has been a very trying and tiring road. Even if we're friends on Facebook, rest assured that there is a lot I have not posted even there. I can be, at times, a very private person. The short of it is that my daughter, Isabelle, was very sick. She started retaining water very, very quickly. We went in for a normal check up that ended with me being admitted. I was given steroids to mature their lungs since they were only 32 weeks old. Two days later, I had two babies by C-section. My C-section went very smoothly. Surprisingly so. But 17 weeks later, my daughter is still in the NICU. Most of the problems from birth have been resolved, but she continues to have issues with her lungs. Likely due to having a machine breathe for her for the first almost 8 weeks of her life, she has chronic lung disease. There's a lot of emotion and frustration on this topic which I will hit in another, subsequent entry. My son, Matthew, is home. It took him twice as long as they thought it would for him to come home. But the Monday after Mother's Day at 7.5 weeks old, he came home. There's so much more, but I'm going to save it all for my upcoming NICU post.

Moving along to the meat of this entry! My mom had mentioned a few weeks ago that she'd never seen the Happening. I count this movie as one of the worst movies ever. The delivery of the lines are horrible. It just didn't seem serious. But I noticed something I didn't remember. M Night Shyamalan had Zooey Deschanel's character cheat on her husband. The interesting part was that they only had a dinner and dessert, yet all characters involved knew it was cheating. And it was and is. The movie itself goes off the tracks pretty quickly. I always knew he had a thing for trees after watching The Village because there were so many shots of the "evil" trees. But that one part gave me a greater appreciation for the movie. Now, watch there be some interview in which he mocks the characters for thinking that's cheating.

We did a rewatch of all of the Batman movies. Only the recent ones in the Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan trilogy. And upon watching the Dark Knight, I found it interesting that Joker sets about a scenario that perfectly illustrates why we aren't a pure democracy. The democracy votes and decides 2 to 1 that it is ok to blow up the barge full of criminals. Over on the criminal barge, the same vote has taken place only without the tallies. Yet a representative says no, we don't stand for this. Nothing would get done if we didn't have a leader to direct all these opinions and votes.

~ Basil D

PS I've been pining for an LJ app and been so disappointed that they didn't have one. Oops because they've had one! Thus I'm planning on more entries from me. It's much easier with two babies to turn on my Ipad than turn on my laptop.

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What's in a name?

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 01:42 am
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I have a very elementary viewpoint of friendship. If we are friends on any sort of social network, it means that we are actually friends. I can trust you to have the integrity to believe in who I am as a person instead of believing some stereotype that you'd heard or read or assumed. You believe I am a better person than that. If you are uncertain based on a post, you will question me, politely and with dignity, for clarification. Obviously there are some huge holes in my logic. And due to my naivete, I've been on the receiving end of lessons learned the hard way one too many times now.

So, I'm not getting on my high horse here. I just want a chance to weigh in. I hear so many of my peers saying "That's why I don't talk about religion or politics." And I get it, I do get it. I just wonder if it applies to a personal journal. Maybe not the best topic for dinner at your new boyfriend's house the first time you're invited over. Maybe not the best conversation with random strangers while in a hospital waiting room. Maybe not the best topic while on a working lunch with your boss. And maybe those are all good times. Why are we so afraid of civil discourse? I get that it's not always civil, but discourse is a good thing. We should know both sides, right? I never participated in debate. To be honest, I've never been that good at it. Too emotional. But I'm learning now.

And I really feel an obligation to post on these sorts of topics. My reasons are several. First of all, I have opinions and I want to share them. I feel I have a unique perspective. I started my twenties as a bleeding heart liberal. Socialism was an excellent idea. Why not share amongst us all? Unfortunately for the liberal inside, I met someone who challenged me on all of my beliefs and answered my why nots. I had been living under the assumption that there were no thinking conservatives. There couldn't be because liberals wanted what everyone wanted. They represented the people while conservatives represented Big Business and Old Traditions. I was so smitten with these stereotypes. So when I met someone who challenged me and pushed me to find the answers, I wanted to share those answers with the people I cared about the most. Turns out that a lot of those friends only wanted to be friends if we could agree. The simple fact that I didn't count myself as a liberal anymore was enough, without even hearing a single argument.

I'm hoping for a chance to be heard without automatically being labeled a bigot or being told by someone I respected as a friend and peer to get off my high horse. I fear that we have become extremists. Just because someone is not for something does not make them a hater of that thing. I am tired of being quiet and being counted as one in agreement or one defeated by this extremism.

I'm not racist. I'm not violent. I'm just no longer silent. I won't have my voice usurped any longer.

I'm not directing this entry at anyone at all on livejournal. I feel that I can have a civil discourse with everyone here without it becoming a personal attack. We can agree to disagree while educating each other at the same time. I'll understand; however, if someone doesn't feel that way. As I said above, I've been wrong in the past.

~Basil D

Survey Meme

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 03:37 pm
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Oooo the wrongly named Controversy Survey. Lawl.

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My defense on my DK is looking amazing! Nearly to 540 now. I do miss bear tanking. I knew how to do it. Yesterday I was doing an AoE and breaking sheep the whole time, but I didn't even realize it. I had just respecced and used the spell rotation listed. Oops, one of those spells was for AoE tanking. I have so much to learn as a new class. I think I'm going to be changing my spec again, 3rd time since hitting 80. I want a little more Blood/healing. But I need to try a few things out when the servers come back up.

OMG I need to go to the DMV. I think our registration expired on the car and I don't remember getting the letter to renew. It just popped up in our bill reminder in MS Money and I keep forgetting to go get it renewed.
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I got my present today. The funny thing was that I picked it up myself too. I'm so, so, so really, very happy to finally have my own laptop! It took me hours to get everything loaded and all of the settings right, but I think I finally have it. I still have a few games I want to load as in Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I am just overjoyed to finally have ITunes up and running. I made the terrible mistake of trying to a) import my library from my desktop and b) get Genius working. Neither of those should be updating while you are trying to do anything else on your computer.

Also I had never realized just how large my desktop monitor was until I stared at this one. Now I'm roving all over trying to find text on that one.

And now for the TR news. I've been struggling with having anything to say in the game. I love my pups, but real life or rather REAL LIFE has been stamping out anything creative I've felt. I'm glad I got my post in before reading my flist because I'm again wiped out and bowled over now. I think though I can say that I'm back.

I know it's expected, but I really don't want to weigh in on the latest commentary about Prop 8. Cut for Length )

Also in the REAL LIFE and marriage column, there's a divorce looming somewhere over there that has me heartbroken. I hate that it is going to affect so many people. Mostly I hate being powerless to stop it. I wish I could do or say something other than what I'm doing. Vagueness.


Friday, November 7th, 2008 09:52 am
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I miss those good old shows of the 80s and 90s that came on during TGIF. Step-by-Step, Family Matters, Dinosaurs. It's not that these were wonderful shows, it's just the celebration of Friday night tv. Stinking X-Files--that comment being ironic because I was an X-Phile.

So Wednesday I outed myself as being a right-wing conservative. (Not that this was a surprise for some of you.) My amiable attitude makes me want to crawl back into a hole and hide because I truly hate offending people and I really want folks to like me. However, I'm moving on, learning and growing and pushing forward.

Free Speech Protection Act
The latest Obama administration plan that has conservatives up in arms cut for length )

I'm out of time for now, but later I might mention this call I heard the other day listening to the radio show, Stand To Reason. It was very interesting.

Everyone have a great Friday!


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