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Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 03:49 pm
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I don't like AT&T, but I love their commercials. The last line said by the characters are hilarious.

These two are my favorites! )


Saturday, November 8th, 2008 09:47 am
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Not the show as in the other meaning. Though the show is adorable.

This is the one I meant the other day, the Fairness Doctrine.

Shire News Network is LOLtastic. Use of the words "breeds enough Eeyores" and a campaign ad for Col Tigh. Don't get me wrong. It's still a satirical, conservative show, but satirical! I love sarcasm and satire and really, really lame puns. Like when my dentist said "We're rooting for you," I laughed.

This is old news, but LOL to Rahmbo! That's a great name. And Josh Lyman is based on him. I'm just waiting to see Ainsley in the White House.

Also did anyone have trick-or-treaters this year? We never get them so that wasn't a surprise. However, my mom didn't have any at all and she usually has one after another. My in-laws didn't have any either and they usually have a few.

That's the Breaks

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 01:55 pm
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Continuing with the linking of weird dances.

A lot of people link the serious one. I prefer the outtakes. I think to know that life is beautiful, but I'm more of the Life is fuuuun type.

Where is Matt (2008)? )

Where is Matt (classic)? )

Hiro may at some point pull a stunt like this. He almost did it in Gideon's last EP, but he didn't feel like playing at the time.
Danny Choo (The Dancing Stormtrooper )

Star Wars Gangsta Rap )
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I'm stealing this from [ profile] deense because I like it. I have some really, really terrible guilty pleasures. And I'd like to come clean about them.

Books: I really enjoy CSI: Miami fiction, but only by certain authors.

Movies: HSM 1 & 2. I also own both soundtracks and the Walmart remix soundtrack. The Pokemon movies. I own the 1st five movies in English and Japanese. The Japanese is really exceptional.

I love Imakuni and Raymond. Raymond plays the trainer who battles Ash and loses during the opening credits of the first movie.

Music: Rocky Top should be played at all Tennessee wedding receptions. I bought a CD just to have several versions including when with the Voice of the Vols, John Ward, before he retired. And there's one version the local pop station plays that I wish I could get a copy of. It's a remix version with a poppy 80s song I can't remember right now.

As previously stated HSM 1 & 2 soundtracks. Pokemon soundtracks. I have several in Japanese (hence Imakuni and Raymond).

I love all types of music. I love me country. Team of Destiny! How Forever Feels Those last two were special 1998 National Championship songs Kenny Chesney put out when the Vols won. Oddly, I had to drive to Nashville to get a copy even though the football team is based out of Knoxville. (I live in Oak Ridge which is next to Knoxville whereas Nashville is in the middle of the state and thus halfway across the state from Knoxville over in East TN.)

I like some good techno, but most people think techno is cheesy. I love some 80s, some classical, some soundtrack music, some soundtracks to musicals.

I really make few apologies online for my musical choices. It's the people who have to listen to my songs. I tend to put them on repeat too.

TV: General Hospital. I still haven't started watching the whole thing, but it is going to happen. I am not in the least ashamed, but I watched Dawson's Creek. So much love. CSI Miami. I have seen every episode.

Anyone else want to confess? XD

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Friday, September 12th, 2008 09:16 pm
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More LJ messing ups. I went to click on a YouTube video promising Colin Firth and Ben Barnes. Instead I get [ profile] magenta513's promo video for the play she is in. I wish I could go see it now. It's opening night. And of course, I have no idea what it is at first. I'm wondering why this was supposed to be funny when it just seems like a commercial. Then it announces the name and I realize that's really familiar. And by the time it gets to the directorwriter's name (I knew he was the writer way to mess it up!), I'm certain this is her play. Of course, when she's actually on the screen, I give a shout "That's [ profile] magenta513!" And nearly stop my husband from playing his game to look.

First it was icons and now it's YouTube videos. Eventually I got the Colin Firth video. He was a little creepy looking honestly. I like my Colin Firth a certain way and while the man is free to be whomever he wants, I expect him to be a certain way if I am to be drooling.

ETA Got nothing accomplished tonight. Kind of nice even though I had goals for the night, including getting ready to spend a weekend at our friends' house and doing some tagging. Or even Zack's item post. Oh well.

Also I don't have a song for Zack or Hiro. I have one for Michael, but who knows if/when he'll be in the game.

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Thursday, September 11th, 2008 01:57 am
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Terrible Drabbles! This new game meme is cracking me up. I have about half a dozen ideas that I do not have the time to write at the moment.

[ profile] zomgrhiYou must put Cloud in. And McKay.

Maybe this weekend ... or next Monday, I'll put up the Songs from the Year You Graduated Meme. I'm working through Saturday. Sunday we are probably taking the dogs over to our friends' house to play with their two German Shepherds. Hopefully I'll have a day off, but I'm worried I'll be tempted by OT generated by our latest Sale.

I was happy today by the latest catalog I received because my name was shared with other catalogs by my work. LL Bean! I have been meaning to sign up for their catalog. I wish my employee discount applied to them. I mentioned that I always wanted one of those LL Bean backpacks with my initials on it. Matt said I should get one, but I only wanted it at school. Of course, he said that I will be going back to school so whenever that happens (ie when our debt is paid off) I'll be getting one of those backpacks. YES!

I'm watching Survivorman. I think I get him now. I like Bear, Man vs Wild, because he doesn't take his situation lying down. He gets proactive and moves which isn't necessarily the best thing if you go with the idea that it's best to stay put and wait to be rescued. Still I like it better. Les, Survivorman, just tries to stay in some place really inhospitable for a set time frame, seven days usually.

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Friday, September 5th, 2008 11:35 pm
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ETA: OMG So getting this game if for no other reason than to find all of the familiar faces. Everyone in that game is getting a nickname. Totally getting a nickname.

ETA2: How sad is it that I just found my way to the Advent Children web site and was making sad faces at Zack's character page? I mean really! Back to watching my soaps now.
2.2: Oh Spinelli. You are so annoying and yet so adorable! I have a feeling that I'm going to end up watching all of this show instead of just the 5-7 minutes a day.

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Monday, August 18th, 2008 04:04 am
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Forget Luke Wilson. He's out of the club. Unless he doesn't say anything. He's been replaced with RDJ. Which has been true for a while, I'm just making it official. I laughed so hard at the video. Really. Embarrassed. Myself.

I'm thinking it's time for a HSM/HSM2 rewatch. I know. Totally lame. But I am not above watching totally lame things as long as they make me happy. One day, there may be a singing teenager on the island. *evil laughter*

SotP )

ETA: TR Final Fantasy Characters as ...
Care Bears. I joked about Zack being a Care Bear earlier this week. I've put a little thought to it and have found bears for everyone else.

Cloud - Grumpy Bear. If there were an Emo Bear, he'd be that one instead. Oh, in case you missed this great toy from the 80s (that was brought back recently), Grumpy is the one with rainclouds on his tummy, who is followed by a raincloud on occasion and is always grumpy.
Aeris - Love-A-Lot Bear (from the wiki) is a pretty and perky bear who helps spread love and help it along wherever she goes. She is pink and her tummy symbol is two intertwined hearts.
Zack - I had joked he'd be Cheer Bear, but she's a she. He's closer to Tenderheart Bear. Especially since I can see Tenderheart making tough decisions like dying for the other bears. Thankfully that doesn't happen cuz I would have been a sad child. He was my favorite. Yes, because I like hero characters. XD
Yuffie - Funshine Bear. My other favorite bear! (from the wiki) Loves to play and tell jokes all the time, but sometimes forgets that there are times in life you must be serious. He is yellow with a smiling sun on his tummy. Funshine was originally a female Care Bear until 2002. Not exactly on the mark for Yuffie, but she's YELLOW!

Now I feel like watching the movie again. I think I only have it on VHS, but I might have bought on DVD.

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