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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 02:06 pm
basildestiny: (Annoyed Chakatoy)
I had a really annoying dream last night. More like a nightmare I guess. In it, I'm standing out in my backyard (not this backyard, but somewhere that seemed familiar in the dream, but I can't place now) with my dogs and some guy starts trying to sneak into the backyard. He's opening the garage door slowly. So I, of course, send my German Shepherd to kill him. (Not that the German Shepherd would do that necessarily) Thankfully even though he has a knife, he is afraid and runs.

Another neighbor, a woman, who was cooking dinner hears the commotion and assumes since Chakotay is outside of our yard and circle chasing the guy that I'm just being cruel. We have a tense moment of exchanged words, but she sees that guy has a knife and believes me and chases him off as well.

The worse part of the dream though was that I had no idea how I would protect my dogs. They couldn't stay outside because that guy might break in again and steal them. And they couldn't live inside because it was one of those crappy pet restricted, extreme low income places.

Of course, then the dream shifts. And now I'm some undercover person, trying to find drug dealers who fight or steal dogs. So I'm in the underworld in a cardboard box and living with pit bulls down by a river. (We didn't eat government cheese though.)

I think the last part is directly related to the Quantum Leap episode I watched last night. Which also explains the feeling of sadness, like I'd lost someone, I had throughout the dream.

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 01:00 pm
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] magenta513!

Last night I had a dream that I was on Atlantis. Well actually I was in a puddlejumper and it landed on the water like some kind of motorboat. Only when it landed, we were on earth in the middle of a water-skiing competition. I was then taken to the shore; however, the ocean turned out to be a very large swimming pool. The motorboats were gone and it was in fact just a very classy, high-end swimming pool. It was really deep probably 10-15 feet, but had tapered ledges as it dropped off and got deeper. It was crystal clear too. And I was there with someone who was supposed to be my dad, some friends, and my not BFF John Mayer who looked like a scruffy Orlando Bloom. He was kind of emo and was writing some songs. Yes, while swimming in the swimming pool. Obviously this all makes perfect sense!

I have solved my Napster conundrum. I was listening to some Pandora hardcore last night. By hardcore, I mean I was listening the heck out of it, not actually listening to anything hardcore. Unless you consider The Bee Gees, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder to be hardcore. We are going with my idea of buying 13 songs a month. I wish I had thought of this idea sooner. My most difficult decision now is going to be deciding on the 13 songs. The first song I was going to buy was Goldspot's Float On. However, I have listened to the 30 second excerpt several times and the song is less then 3 minutes long. So I find myself over-thinking the purchase. It's pathetic really. I can buy things in a heartbeat that might give other people a pause, but a 99 cent song can take days of indecision! I got an I-Tunes gift card for Christmas, something I requested I might add, and I still had that thing in March! Eventually I just spent it all on one album so I could put myself out of the torture of trying to decide on one song. Still. If I had gone with this idea when I first signed up with Napster, I would have quite a music collection. LOL I say that as though my collection now is laughable. It is laughable only for the sheer volume. I was given the task of creating playlists for when we play XBox 360 games. Only I don't even know where to start! I need to start by deleting songs, but that is as easy as buying songs.

I think I'll start by narrowing my search field and giving myself parameters. Such as 2 new songs, 2 classic oldies, 1 techno song, 1 song from a game. Now I'll just drive myself crazy trying to get the proportions right!

I can't explain what I can't explain!
~J White

PS I'm also going to get my haircut today. Hopefully.

ETA I don't know if my friends list is familiar with Twilight, but this comic makes me laugh. Reminds me of Snape and His Unicorn which is soooo canon.

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