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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 03:55 pm
basildestiny: (Pacey / Happy)
Awww. Summer's Zack was my favorite Luther son! Is it terrible that I totally got that information from watching 20 minutes of the show?

In other news, House is still addictive. Last night Karolina Dean showed up. And House acquired a PSP. Obviously my response was "Hey! He has a PSP. Now he can play Crisis Core. Cuz it's a good game."

It's cold here. We got a cold spell. Unfortunately, Matt turned our gas off over the summer when we switched to an electric water heater. So now our house is made of cold.

General Hospital has a truly idiotic plot line going with my favorite character. (Granted he usually has idiotic plots, but this one is particularly unbearable.) I'm afraid to catch up the rest of the way because right now I can pretend it turns out differently. If I catch up, it could turn out to be true. I need more spoilers so I can confirm it true or false. Maybe if I just close my eyes and don't look, it won't happen.

I also got caught up watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show. Some of those girls are just so cute and so talented and they still don't fit the bill. Of course, I guess I could just cheat and see who made the team. ...

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