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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 04:09 pm
basildestiny: (Bloody Zack)
Icon purge complete. I spent entirely too much time on LJ, but that's just how it is when I have days off. I get lazy! Which means I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house. I also switched back to another older layout. I don't care for the top graphic, but I like the layout of the links and the spacing of the journal itself. Oh! And I actually made some icons I like this time.

Oddly I was able to upload all of the icons I wanted within the 15 icon limit. I have so many pretty Zack ones that I was tempted to upload more for him. Also oddly, I paid for a month of service on an RP journal and not my personal journal. And with it being body switch plot, someone else is getting more use out of my newly uploaded icons! But I'm glad someone else is enjoying them or at least using 'em. And I'm enjoying being able to track comments. I hope to support LJ more in the coming months. With truck repair and water heater replacement, we're being cautious with our spending. Four dollars I can spend, but thirty-five on a journal seems excessive.

Chakotay hasn't been feeling well the past few days. He's been in pain. This means that he lays around moaning and crying and grumbling. His pain meds make him feel a little better, but he just can't find comfortable places on the ground. He is also extremely clingy. He constantly wants reassurance so he sticks his nose into everything I'm doing to get attention.

Connor's ears continue to bother him.

My brother and his girlfriend stopped by last night. Chakotay was friendly and chompy. We play with him too roughly and don't have enough company over to teach him proper stranger greeting manners. But he isn't suspicious or stand-offish or confrontational. I'm glad he's so well balanced.

Well I hate to do it, but I have a mound of laundry calling my name. So here goes...

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Monday, July 21st, 2008 01:35 pm
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Yay! I have three days off this week! I'm so happy to have time off, not so happy that I won't get the extra hour pay.

My brother will be back in town from Iraq (where he works for a contractor). Maybe today or some time tomorrow. We're going to a cookout tomorrow night at his girlfriend's house to welcome him home. He's back in town for his best friend's wedding on Saturday. I have that day off so I will be going. My brother will be the best man. And his friend who is getting married was the DJ at our wedding.

I LOVE corgis! They are just too adorable.

Tucker's breeder has several adorable puppies available right now. Including another litter from Tucker's parents, Faith and Llewy. I just love the black headed tri girl.

But my next dog is already lined up. When we get out of debt, I am getting a Collie. There's one still in Houston who will be named Zack if he's still there when I can rescue him. Otherwise I'll be adopting from a closer rescue group. And I will probably rescue a female since we have three boys already and name her Teyla.

Connor has another ear infection. He has been battling this one for a couple of weeks now. This has been the cycle since I got him. A rant ensues regarding veterinary care )

Well that turned into a rant. It makes me angry when my pet is suffering and the doctors think I'm just being overly sensitive. I guess I'll go call and see if Dr. Allen is in today.

ETA: I really don't like the way the receptionists are overworked at that clinic. Apparently an ear infection is something that can be scheduled for as far away as Thursday. I have to work on Thursday so how about Wednesday at 11? I know I had to keep talking over my German Shepherd who was being obnoxious as soon as I got on the phone, but whatever I say! Once again a case of me not being direct. What do you have today or tomorrow, I should have said. Oh well, I'll just keep doing what I do for Connor and maybe bring Kira in for her annual check up.

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