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Monday, October 20th, 2008 02:54 pm
basildestiny: (Trouble Zack)
So I got up early at 10:30 this morning. That is early because it's my day off. But so far I have done NOTHING! That's not true entirely. I have done a lot of work at my desk including balancing the checkbook.

My goals for the day include:
-vacuum the house
-carpet clean the living room
-clear off the dining table from all of my junk that I've put on it
-empty the dishwasher
-clean up the computer room

For my goals tomorrow:
-SHOPPING at Wal-mart for household items, the butcher, the farmer's market
I used to one stop shop at Wal-Mart, but the butcher and the farmer's market has better deals. I get a great deal for $35 at the butcher's shop called Meat for a Week, but it lasts us two weeks. My favorite is the roast. Mmmm
-Finish whatever didn't get finished today

I started researching PCOS again. It just makes me want to get the by-pass surgery. I used to think that was just for lazy people, but a) I am a lazy person and b) this is going to be such a whole life yo-yo battle.

I need to shift my priorities. When I'm home, the last thing I do is eat. Much less make sure I'm eating right. But that's needs to be my top priority. I've been doing much better lately with making sure I have fresh fruits and vegetables in the house. And I've found that I have really liked eating an apple after dinner. I made some delicious cooked apples Thursday night for dessert. My husband didn't think he'd like them, but he ate all of the leftovers!

I think right now I need to forget the cleaning and go shopping. I need to pick up food, eat something myself and come back ready to tackle the housework.

I think the PCOS will be either a great motivator or a great crutch and I need to decide which one I'm going to let it be.

TR related I think I'm going to have to FTB on some stuff. After this weekend, I'm just not in the mood to pick up a lot of older threads. I want to move on to new stuff.

I am obsessed with this song

Also I made my new LJ customizations to this song. And it's my Myspace profile song. I love that a) they sound so much like Relient K (melodies and piano) and b) they are from TN, Chattanooga to be exact.

ETA I forgot to dog update. I took Kira and Connor to the vet last week. Took them to my favorite vet. He hooked me up with this amazing ear cleaner that Connor LOVES! And he's been feeling so much better now that his ears aren't bothering him. He's been playing a lot more.

We took all four of them to the dog park yesterday. I brought Chakotay's soccer ball and some kid had a bunch of fun playing with him. Unfortunately, the kid didn't listen to me when I said not to throw the ball so I had to confiscate it for a short bit. Chakotay has high drive, even if he's fall over tired, he's going to go after the ball if it's thrown. And we saw three toy poodles in black, silver and white. They were so adorable! Matt even thought they were cute. They came over and said hello to him and were just so small and darling. (Eventually two St Bernards showed up and the poodles didn't get along with them.) We also saw Butter who is a mini poodle and is just to the softest, sweetest dog. We saw Butter last week too.

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