Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

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I was busy patching my World of Warcraft! NEW PATCH TODAY!! That's all the news I care about.

And if I hadn't been patching, I would have been sleeping or else found something else to do.

I think I have watched way too much tv to be impressed by RL. Someone tried to impress upon the import of this moment in HISTORY. *fanfare and such* But this presidential election was NEVER about race. Worf is the president on Heroes and Jonas Blaine is/was (I'm waaay behind on my 24) the Prez. So it's not even a strain on the brain to imagine that any black man could become President. Ok so maybe not Snoop Dogg and that's realy sad, but he's already the President of the Funk. Well maybe the VP of Funk cuz I think the job is still being held by Bootsy, but I could be wrong.

I mean YAY I'm glad that we have officially crossed the line, but I'm not tearing up because at last there's vindication. I mean seriously? But eh, maybe I've seen too much Star Trek to be impressed by present day.

That's my less than one penny take on it. But I'm just going to go play WoW where my ruler is an Orc. (Ok so technically I'm a Blood Elf and no way do I look up to those orcs. I'm just waiting to betray them. Well actually I'm even worse, I'm a Death Knight. So I lack compassion for the most part. Just call me 'Emancipated Borg.') My druid does anyway. Taurens love their Thrall. And Cairne.

In important news, our guild took down 3 drake Sarth last night and my husband won the Twilight Drake which is the coolest looking dragon mount in game bar none! Have you seen this thing? Yeah, it's cool. And the night before our 5 man group finally completed 25 minute Strat and *I* won the Bronze Drake. It is not as cool as the Twilight Drake.

I also lack 1 more pet to get Stinky the skunk pet. And I worked up my cooking on my DK to be able to do the Cooking Daily. I am also revered with Orgrimmar. One step closer to getting 100 mounts for the Dragon Hawk mount. And I got my Black War Worg! So yes, I'm doing good.

ETA Well still waiting for the realm servers to come back online. In the meantime, I've read the patch notes.

Firstly DK glyphs were completely reworked. For the good in most cases, but it changes which glyphs I want. Well at least one of them is completely useless. Of course that has more to do with the DK spell changes then the glyph. The glyph was pointless, but I don't like what it does now compared to another glyph. I like the Death Grip glyph. It's nice for pulling quickly aka 25 minute Strat run. (Did I mention that my group tried again to get the mount last night, but failed because we had a party member dc right before the 3rd boss? Yet we continued on to finish the entire run without him? How's that for leet?!)

Lots of changes for DKs. We knew it was coming though so no big surprise. I'll have to get a new glyph and learn a new spell when servers are back up.

Some titansteel items lost stats. Like the Spiked Titansteel helm, I just made two of those in the past 2 days. It completely lost all of its stamina. It had about 110 stamina on it and now there is no stamina at all.

As for the druid, she can finally learn polearms. So we'll be learning that and going to the banished demon for skillups. I believe the higher armor kits will now require frozen orbs, but we'll see. They weren't listed on MMO champ.

Big nerfs to priest glyphs. They had 3 glyphs changed and 2 out of 3 were ones that Matt had. It's a good thing for PVP, but I'd rather deal with it in PVP than lose it for instances. Oh well.

Also added a sta/str ring for Kirin Tor. Guess I'll have to hurry to exalted now. I won't use the ring for anything other than PVP/Damage gear (like I ever get to DPS lawl, always the tank) but I like the free hearth. I'm also farming Kara for the boots from Wizard of Oz event.

There are now new PVP gear in WG. Looks like stuff I might go for, but we'll see. And a new sigil that I really like. Who doesn't like def stats?? I have over 50 Heroism banked so I'll get that as soon as servers are back up.

Also Lock summoning is bugged at the moment. It has a 2 minute cooldown on it. LAWL! Summoning ftl

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Argh! Another hour and 20 minutes to servers online time.

Guess that means I can take a shower. Even do some chores.

Yes, that sounds completely irresponsible, but I only need TWO more arcane magic books to get the pet. And when the server is reset, all of the books are spawned. Of course, it could be the placeholder books, but it's too good to miss. And when I get the pet, I'll have 50 pets and have the skunk pet.

Of course they just added the 75 pet achievement. I think you get a fawn? It's a salt lick so that makes me think it's a deer.

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