AT&T Commercials

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 03:49 pm
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I don't like AT&T, but I love their commercials. The last line said by the characters are hilarious.

These two are my favorites! )
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The video that inspired me to want more GSDs.

I've made plans to go to the Trail of Doom!! This weekend. Could it have a cooler name? I'm not really the kind of person who likes being scared, but whatever. I'm doing it.

And since we're going to that, we might as well make plans to go to A Haunted House too, right?

There's also A Haunted Cave, but I don't know if we'll have the time or the money to go to all of these events.

My 10 Year High School Reunion is also in October. (It has also been 10 years for Matt, but he only went to his High School for a year so we aren't going to it.) That will be October 17th-18th so right in the middle of all of these events.

We went to Puleo's Grill yesterday. I'd never been and had heard mixed reviews. But I delightfully surprised. The food tasted fresh and delicious. Matt got fish and chips. You know those are either delicious and fresh or terrible and frozen/reheated. I had a seafood ravioli which was also delicious. The bread was fresh baked and the butter was softened! My only complaint was the the food came out too fast! And there was a lot of it. Both hardly complaints from my standpoint.

Now I'm off to cook dinner: spaghetti with eggplant.

That's the Breaks

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 01:55 pm
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Continuing with the linking of weird dances.

A lot of people link the serious one. I prefer the outtakes. I think to know that life is beautiful, but I'm more of the Life is fuuuun type.

Where is Matt (2008)? )

Where is Matt (classic)? )

Hiro may at some point pull a stunt like this. He almost did it in Gideon's last EP, but he didn't feel like playing at the time.
Danny Choo (The Dancing Stormtrooper )

Star Wars Gangsta Rap )

Future Pups

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 03:03 am
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The dancing in this one completely disturbs me.

Al is going to love the clothing box on Tabula Rasa. I already envision EPs in which he will have something hideous on. Like horribly mismatched Hawaiian T-shirts. I also feel a desire to inflict my love of a certain soap opera on him.

"Sam! You have to check this out. I popped some popcorn."

Heroes. It was exactly as it had been described to me.

Spoiler-ish )

BTW Peter Bishop from Fringe? Totally tempted.

(no subject)

Friday, September 19th, 2008 11:49 pm
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So I was going through my Ipod. I have a lot of parody songs from Napster. That was one of my favorite things about the old Napster. Now it's done mostly on YouTube, but it's not the same. That was back in the day before viruses were a worry.

I found this one. Remember this?! Also the song, being sung in the song is from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack with Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio. I loved that version.

And in cased you wanted to hear that one: Everybody's Free )

Anyway, I found that lovely Star Wars Parody version of the Sunscreen Song. Here it is.

Pump It!

Monday, September 15th, 2008 08:45 pm
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Forget that RP meme that everyone and their uncle from TR is doing. I just started RPing on LJ. Previous to that it was on message boards and GJ.

And now for something completely different...

The Ministry of Silly Walks

It's not fair that a bunch of prison inmates can dance better than I can!

To make it worse, a 10 year old can dance to the song better than I can! Of course, he gets double points for being just so gosh darn adorable!!! )

The Future Pups Section

Everyone loves a musical! If they don't, they are either lying )

I really can't wait for this one! But I've had no time to even start the app. )

This song is so wonderful. It really makes me want to play him. )

And because Coraline was watching Robin Hood, last week or so, I found this. My favorite Robin Hood mixed with a song from the funniest Robin Hood. )

In another recent (TR) meme, we were challenged to find one song the represented our pups.

This song gets me into a Hiro mood. I love the name of the group and the song. My mom used to listen to this group all the time and this was one of my favorites.

Zack on the other hand is really, really difficult. I considering All These Things That I've Done by the Killers. But as you can see, the song is much better suited to someone else. )

I like When You Were Young by the Killers much better. It fits Zack since everyone on the island who knew him, knew him they were young. And when he was young, the hurricane of Shin-Ra and their experiments started churning. It landed when he was still young (16). The whole beautiful boy speaks of the Aeris drama. When You Were Young )

I love this one )

I also love this one, but Zack's story isn't just a love story. )

... Still adding to this with more Zack songs as they come. Much thanks to anyone who plows through all of this.

Forget it. This song is the song. I'd like something with more substance maybe, but this song is him. Also it's sung by Lucas Grabeel and if I ever bring an HSM character, I will be Ryan. He had great fashion sense. Go the Distance. Although I keep seeing Danny Devito's character from Hercules in my head now. )

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