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Sunday, May 20th, 2007 09:27 pm
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Blah. I never used the 100 and something icon spaces that I paid for. I had them for over a year and never used them all. Honestly, I don't think I made 100 posts last year. But having only 6 is really tough. Somehow I have to reduce all my fandoms and intersts into six icons.

I seriously need a DuCaine icon. Sadly, I don't have a single one saved on my computer. Well I have an icon with Calleigh and Horatio on it, but ... well actually I have two or three, but they aren't what I'd consider DuCaine icons.

So I'm having some disorientation and wooziness issues this weekend. Since I don't want to do a whole lot of moving around, I'm just watching some CSI: Miami episodes from this past season. I started out renaming them with the episode title, but then I wanted to see what the episode was about.

I've made a few observations. Firstly this season Calleigh has really taken a page from Horatio's book. She again wears a lot of black. I have to seriously wonder if wardrobe doesn't suggest they wear matching colors or if there is some hidden meaning there. I always assume show writers read fan fic or at the very least are aware of its existence. And I know they throw stuff out there to torment the fans. Especially Sci-Fi shows like SGA. Disgressing back into CSIM though... I didn't remember the scene from Darkroom when they were on the boat together. I really liked that though. She's out with Ryan, tracking down a car, finds an address and calls up her LT to take the guy out. Too bad he's not there. I really enjoyed the interviewing the victim scene. Well the last second of that scene which seems to go a bit OOC. It looked like David Caruso was laughing and Emily is about to invade his personal space. Of course, I won't be taking it as OOC, I'll be using it as DuCaine fodder. Duh.

Backstabbers was a good one. I really enjoyed Horatio in the ballastics lab. He needs to push those sleeves up more often and do lab work. Lab work without Natalia's help. I'm not even upset in a jealous way. Well maybe a little. But mostly it makes me think OOC. I hear that Eva LaRue and David Caruso have a thing on the side. So I can't really stand to see them. He's got a baby with his girlfriend and another on the way. Thus I find DC creeptastic. But back to Horatio. Actually, enough about Horatio. I just enjoy it when he handles weapons. We need to get a gun safe so my husband can get a gun. Disgressing again. So in this episode, Calleigh takes another page from the Horatio Caine autobiography. And we see her coming to the aid of a young child named Emma. Which is ironic as I've been reading a fanfic involving a DuCaine child named Emma. I wonder if it was inspired by this episode, but I think the fic was started before the episode aired. Anyway, nice to see the child interaction.

In other news, but not really, I have started a few DuCaine stories. They're cooking, but not finished. I'm not sure how long I want to make them. I'm also handwriting them instead of typing them. I may switch over to typing later on.


ETA Looks like I'll be upgrading to a paid account again soon, but not getting the 100 additional pictures.

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