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Sunday, August 31st, 2008 10:01 pm
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Boomsday 2008 was awesome. Some years I don't see a real difference from the previous year. But this year there were actual fireworks on the water, during the Smoke on the Water song. Usually it's just smoke and floating, flashing fireworks. This year they also shot out fireworks. The camera work was amazing this year. They did a great job of capturing the crowd without taking away from the show itself. And they had tight shots and wide shots in the most perfect timing. There was also an amazing sideways shot that twisted into an upright shot.

The music was pretty good. I like it when there are more oldies than pop songs, but with the Top 40s Station being the sponsor, you never know. Overall, I liked the songs that were chosen. They worked very well with what was going on. I loved the rainbow, twirling fireworks. And I'm glad they brought back the canon, spraying fireworks. The thing I always miss out when I chose to watch at home (instead of trying to navigate through 500,000 people) are the loud booms! Especially on those fireworks with the delayed but extremely loud explosions. My favorite!

It's a 20-25 minute firework show which incorporates several locations which overlook the Tennessee River through Knoxville. They have some segments which are in the show every year, but there's always something new as well. It's set to music which is played on a radio station as well as broadcast loudly into the crowd. These videos are from the 2007 show (since 2008 just ended about 20 minutes ago). And we shut down part of Downtown Knoxville from Saturday to Monday morning.

This one is an overview of several different segments. Singing in the Rain, University of Tennessee (I was disappointed it wasn't Rocky Top, but this year it was back to Rocky Top. It should always be Rocky Top.), God Bless the USA, and the Finale.

One of my favorites. This one is called the Waterfall segment. It's always set to the same song, but sadly marks the ending of the show. It's followed by the Smoke on the Water segment, then the Amazing Grace Bagpipes and then the Finale.

I like this one of the finale because you can get a better feel for the sound level of the explosions.

Unrelatedly, I made a ringtone. It's pretty random and in-joke-y and Matt says that "I'm funny," possibly not in the good funny way. But I like it!
Careful though because box.net loops the ringtone.

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