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2013-10-03 07:03 am
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14. Some decisions made!

I have decided NOT to create an anonymous journal. At least, not for the reasons which I was considering. Instead, I'm going to try to keep a personal journal. These days it seems so difficult to find the time for anything, but I think that's much better than putting private and personal details out on the internet. Perhaps, they might help someone, but if that's the case, then I should be able to post them under my own name. At least, that's how I am feeling today.

I have also decided that I want to be a little more informative of my viewpoints. When I considered bleeding heart liberal a term to describe me well, I had several misconceptions. The greatest of which was that the Republican party (and therefore all conservatives) were essentially Purebloods in the Harry Potter series. You could sum them up by saying they clung to old ways simply because they were either time long held or else it gave them more power. Now, I'm sure there are people who are like that. And I know there are Republicans that feel that way. Ironically, I would label these politicians: Progressive Republicans. People like John McCain. But I have found that a lot of conservatives don't feel this way at all. They aren't tattooing themselves and pledging allegiance to the Dark Lord.

Additionally, it's frustrating to me to try to have a conversation with anyone these days who doesn't know what a Progressive is. So I'm going to do my best to define the political term. I think you'd be surprised to find out that they aren't all their name implies. Much like the Affordable Care Act isn't exactly affordable either. But you give something a benign name and force your opponents to come up with the burden of proof.

I'd also like to list the things that conservatives believe. I can't consider myself a Republican, because frankly the party isn't standing for the things I believe in. John McCain is nothing like what I'd want in a president. He is much better than the current one, but he's not my ideal for sure. And I'm tired of people repeating the same old media talking points as though the media were unbiased.

I know most people in this country don't care about listening to the other side. Conservatives are aligned with the Dark Lord and that's it. They don't care about people. How could they possibly care about people if they want the government to shut down. Much less, they would welcome these non-essential jobs to go away. How heartless to suggest taking jobs from others. And yet, it's so easy to watch a business shut down and shrug and say the economy is hard and that's just how it is. Except, it's never like that for the government, is it? And it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And then we have to paint ourselves into a corner talking about Obamacare. Because the stinking thing hasn't even fully bloomed yet so we can only talk in supposition. And instead of having a rational conversation, we get things thrown in our face. The same rhetoric from the President, which is very shady. Yes, it's the law and has been for three years. So were Jim Crow laws. Remember when slavery was legal? Was it the right thing to do? Do we have the money to fund it right now. They are giving so many exemptions to political groups right now, why can't we do that for a year to make sure everything is in place? But instead, he's going to go out and blame the GOP in Congress. The ones who have the Constitutional right to decide what gets funded. Thirteen Trillion Dollars in debt and let's raise the debt ceiling and let's keep printing more money.

I get it! There are sick people out there who need this bill. There are government employees who are suffering without jobs right now. But guys, there will always be sick people and there will always be people suffering without jobs. Can we stop shouting that for two seconds and just logically look at the facts without getting bogged back down into the "We can't let a single person suffer at all ever!" Since when was that the job of the government? Life is hard. It's not always fair. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but that doesn't mean that we just press ahead spending money we don't have.

And so, I want to define the Progressives because that's exactly what they do. They get you so frothing at the mouth at the other side that you join them. The best part is that they'll shout and point fingers at the other side for doing something "despicable" and yet they are the very ones doing it!

Here's a recent example with Harry Reid. When asked if the House would pass a resolution to allow children with cancer into clinical trials, all he can do is repeat the talking points that he knows he's supposed to hit. That is to blame the Republicans. And then, when she keeps asking he says "Why would I want to do that?" Obviously, he has no answer to her. He has no intention of doing what she asks because he's not in touch with reality or his base or children with cancer. The whole point is that he's not going to do anything for anyone until it's clear that it's all the fault of the Republicans and they make the first move by doing the only thing that won't get veto'd or turned down.

Any way, those a few recent decisions.
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2013-03-21 07:23 am

7. ... Is ALL boy

I find this statement silly. Because I find it is said when the baby is doing something non-gender specific. Like running around or exploring. There is nothing all boy or girl about exploring. That's all baby. And here's the thing. I was a tomboy. I had my baby dolls, but I also spent a lot of time playing in the dirt when I was growing up.

Secondly, I need to stop getting so caught up in other blogs and comments. This is likely not a reference to you if you are reading it. I get frustrated with illogical thought processes. How do they come to that conclusion? Or why are they so lazy to believe that? Also the idea that you read some trivia some place somewhere once upon a time and that makes you an expert on the subject. It's one thing to interject with "Well I heard ..." but don't come off as an expert when you're simply being contradictory. Too many people these days want to "debate" by being contradictory. They don't have any reason for why they believe what they believe. They couldn't take the opposing viewpoint as an intellectual exploration. Yet, they will argue for the last word, automatically gainsaying what the other is saying without even understanding what is being said. Or even worse, changing the subject to something else entirely because there's no way to win from the stance they have taken. I find that so frustrating. You can't debate with someone in an intellectual pursuit if the other person is changing the subject.

Unrelatedly, or perhaps relatedly, I cannot stand NewsRoom. Firstly, I feel like I've already seen this show. It was called Sports Night. Or, it was called The West Wing. I just find it so dishonest, so sanctimonious and so pompous. Aaron Sorkin is an excellent writer. He knows just how to put a show together. He gets the emotion, the music, the drama, the characters. It's perfect. I knew from the moment it started up and said Aaron Sorkin that I would like it. The format is addicting. But at it's core, it takes things that didn't happen and pretends that's how things are, keeping things as close to reality as possible except for some huge glaring detail and then wanting the audience to get on board with the greater thing in reality based on this fictional account.

For example, this ( is the first episode of the show (and pardon the language. They gotta keep it real, ya know). It starts based on fact, but it quickly becomes skewed by emotion. In this case, the emotion that he's getting older and younger generations can't possibly understand what it is that he grew up appreciating. It's very "You whippersnappers" without the cane shaking, but lots of emotional music. It's such a globalist perspective to say we are not the greatest country anymore. And sure, it makes Australians upset when we say it. Canadians and Belgiums, too. But I don't care. If I were from Australia, maybe I'd have great pride in being Australian, but I'm not. And it's not wrong to have pride in your own country. Australians, Canadians and Belgiums, be proud of your heritage of being a free country! Yet he puts it out there. And it makes sense for his character because he is the one character in that universe who can make things right by standing up and becoming one of those great newscasters, but for the rest of us? Well, we're just the single most Worst. Generation. Ever.

The truth is that this scene would never take place because anyone is just going to take "the NY Mets" as an answer and move along. And maybe, unlike the entire setup leads us to believe, they are having a very serious discussion and his non-answer is completely unacceptable. Surely, his conciliatory answer about the Declaration of Independence would suffice. The other guy got off with the answer "freedom and freedom." It's a plot device.

Meanwhile, actual real news broadcasters on the mainstream media network CNN are doing things like this. And in case you don't feel like reading it, the cut and dry is that she took CNN owned footage of Glenn Beck when he worked for the network and chopped up one interview to make it look like it was from his time on Fox or recent footage from The Blaze. To make it look like he's said that Obama is the Anti-Christ or otherwise Satan on more than one serious occasion. Worse is that the footage is taken from an interview in which he is disagreeing that Obama is either of those. Isn't there other things to report? Aren't there plenty of other things to say about Glenn Beck that are true? Report on the number of times he cries on television. Or here's an idea, find something newsworthy that isn't a smear. But it's ok. You can't expect much from the Worst. Generation. Ever.

Ironically, I was going to write about how I don't think I can blog because I never have much to say on a topic!
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2013-03-04 05:55 pm
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6. Blogging?

A friend is starting a public blog in response to her New Year's resolution. I really like this and it's something I've thought as well. That is that I should, and do, live a life of which I shouldn't be ashamed. I've hidden in this private journal for a while, not wanting certain past so-called friends to be able to catch up. That's juvenile, I think. What does it matter if they know what happened to me? But my second reason is sound. Sometimes I just need a sounding board, a place to sort my thoughts out logically and perhaps an insight or two from a friend. Even if there is no insight given, I'll have put it out there to those trusted few for review.

I get so annoyed these days when people don't get it. I don't even want to bother with sharing my side. Maybe it's a trained response after so much negativity in the past. Maybe it's from my personality of avoiding conflict. I don't know. Lately, I've felt justified in sharing my opinion, but then two seconds later I feel like deleting what I've posted and hiding from the world. I think I have been giving up on people too easily.

So I'm going to put up an outline here of daily topics. I reserve the right to make an entry private or to change the topic if there's something burning to get out. But I think if I can just pick up on any given day that will help things stay on track.
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2012-08-03 02:10 am
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Movies & Morals

I'm back. A lot of people left livejournal for other sites. I considered leaving blogging altogether. But I find that journaling has always been an important part of my life. I used to keep diaries and then journals. I need to organize my thoughts. I need some quiet, down time every little while to just sift through it all and remember the important events. Even comment on a few of them.

So in the meantime since my last entry, my twins were born. I'm not going to go back over the four months since their arrival in a day by day, event by event rundown. It has been a very trying and tiring road. Even if we're friends on Facebook, rest assured that there is a lot I have not posted even there. I can be, at times, a very private person. The short of it is that my daughter, Isabelle, was very sick. She started retaining water very, very quickly. We went in for a normal check up that ended with me being admitted. I was given steroids to mature their lungs since they were only 32 weeks old. Two days later, I had two babies by C-section. My C-section went very smoothly. Surprisingly so. But 17 weeks later, my daughter is still in the NICU. Most of the problems from birth have been resolved, but she continues to have issues with her lungs. Likely due to having a machine breathe for her for the first almost 8 weeks of her life, she has chronic lung disease. There's a lot of emotion and frustration on this topic which I will hit in another, subsequent entry. My son, Matthew, is home. It took him twice as long as they thought it would for him to come home. But the Monday after Mother's Day at 7.5 weeks old, he came home. There's so much more, but I'm going to save it all for my upcoming NICU post.

Moving along to the meat of this entry! My mom had mentioned a few weeks ago that she'd never seen the Happening. I count this movie as one of the worst movies ever. The delivery of the lines are horrible. It just didn't seem serious. But I noticed something I didn't remember. M Night Shyamalan had Zooey Deschanel's character cheat on her husband. The interesting part was that they only had a dinner and dessert, yet all characters involved knew it was cheating. And it was and is. The movie itself goes off the tracks pretty quickly. I always knew he had a thing for trees after watching The Village because there were so many shots of the "evil" trees. But that one part gave me a greater appreciation for the movie. Now, watch there be some interview in which he mocks the characters for thinking that's cheating.

We did a rewatch of all of the Batman movies. Only the recent ones in the Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan trilogy. And upon watching the Dark Knight, I found it interesting that Joker sets about a scenario that perfectly illustrates why we aren't a pure democracy. The democracy votes and decides 2 to 1 that it is ok to blow up the barge full of criminals. Over on the criminal barge, the same vote has taken place only without the tallies. Yet a representative says no, we don't stand for this. Nothing would get done if we didn't have a leader to direct all these opinions and votes.

~ Basil D

PS I've been pining for an LJ app and been so disappointed that they didn't have one. Oops because they've had one! Thus I'm planning on more entries from me. It's much easier with two babies to turn on my Ipad than turn on my laptop.

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2012-08-03 01:42 am

What's in a name?

I have a very elementary viewpoint of friendship. If we are friends on any sort of social network, it means that we are actually friends. I can trust you to have the integrity to believe in who I am as a person instead of believing some stereotype that you'd heard or read or assumed. You believe I am a better person than that. If you are uncertain based on a post, you will question me, politely and with dignity, for clarification. Obviously there are some huge holes in my logic. And due to my naivete, I've been on the receiving end of lessons learned the hard way one too many times now.

So, I'm not getting on my high horse here. I just want a chance to weigh in. I hear so many of my peers saying "That's why I don't talk about religion or politics." And I get it, I do get it. I just wonder if it applies to a personal journal. Maybe not the best topic for dinner at your new boyfriend's house the first time you're invited over. Maybe not the best conversation with random strangers while in a hospital waiting room. Maybe not the best topic while on a working lunch with your boss. And maybe those are all good times. Why are we so afraid of civil discourse? I get that it's not always civil, but discourse is a good thing. We should know both sides, right? I never participated in debate. To be honest, I've never been that good at it. Too emotional. But I'm learning now.

And I really feel an obligation to post on these sorts of topics. My reasons are several. First of all, I have opinions and I want to share them. I feel I have a unique perspective. I started my twenties as a bleeding heart liberal. Socialism was an excellent idea. Why not share amongst us all? Unfortunately for the liberal inside, I met someone who challenged me on all of my beliefs and answered my why nots. I had been living under the assumption that there were no thinking conservatives. There couldn't be because liberals wanted what everyone wanted. They represented the people while conservatives represented Big Business and Old Traditions. I was so smitten with these stereotypes. So when I met someone who challenged me and pushed me to find the answers, I wanted to share those answers with the people I cared about the most. Turns out that a lot of those friends only wanted to be friends if we could agree. The simple fact that I didn't count myself as a liberal anymore was enough, without even hearing a single argument.

I'm hoping for a chance to be heard without automatically being labeled a bigot or being told by someone I respected as a friend and peer to get off my high horse. I fear that we have become extremists. Just because someone is not for something does not make them a hater of that thing. I am tired of being quiet and being counted as one in agreement or one defeated by this extremism.

I'm not racist. I'm not violent. I'm just no longer silent. I won't have my voice usurped any longer.

I'm not directing this entry at anyone at all on livejournal. I feel that I can have a civil discourse with everyone here without it becoming a personal attack. We can agree to disagree while educating each other at the same time. I'll understand; however, if someone doesn't feel that way. As I said above, I've been wrong in the past.

~Basil D
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2010-03-09 01:17 pm
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listening to "Keep On Movin' - N.M.R" on Blip

I think this was also the training music.

Alrighty! I am turning off the blip stream for now. I'm in the mood for a real DDR marathon rather than two or three throughout the day. Btw here's an AWESOME DDR Megamix.

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2009-03-09 03:45 pm

(no subject)

Watchmen. Meh.

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2009-01-27 10:33 am
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I Thought I Lost You

One of my most recent ITunes purchases. I couldn't resist a dog song with John Travolta in it.

I also bought Go Speed Racer Go. heh

Oh and guess what is being released around my birthday. Woohoo!
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2009-01-26 11:43 am


I finally got around to seeing Bolt. In 3D no less! There were three other families in the movie with us, but I think Matt and I enjoyed it the most.

He really didn't want to see this movie. It's always so hit and miss with kids' movies. Kung Fu Panda was hilarious, but Wall-E was pretty boring. Especially since we'd seen Kung Fu Panda first and Wall-E was supposed to be just the best kids' movie of the year (or so the hype would have led you to believe). He tried to get me to see it with my sister or my mom or our friend who also has a White German Shepherd, but none of those panned out. I was just going to see it by myself despite comments that he'd go with me if I couldn't find anyone to go. Finally I decided that we'd go see Bolt and then we'd go see a movie he wanted to see right after so it wouldn't be a total wasted day for him.

Well this movie was awesome! I loved it. I teared up in it a little. For someone who owns a German Shepherd, he is right on. I even talk to my dog like Penny talked to Bolt. My husband who could care less about cats even liked the cat in the story! It's definitely a keeper and one we'll be getting for the kids.

I just couldn't say enough good things about the movie. Now I want a White German Shepherd. A girl though. And she probably wouldn't be called Bolt. Though when I was younger, I wanted to have two dogs and name them 'Thunder' and 'Lightning' or something similar maybe in French or something so it didn't sound completely lame. I don't know if the White German Shepherd will be my next dog or not. I still really want a Collie; however, I am completely sold on the German Shepherd.
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2009-01-20 02:41 pm

Extended down time is extended suffering

Argh! Another hour and 20 minutes to servers online time.

Guess that means I can take a shower. Even do some chores.

Yes, that sounds completely irresponsible, but I only need TWO more arcane magic books to get the pet. And when the server is reset, all of the books are spawned. Of course, it could be the placeholder books, but it's too good to miss. And when I get the pet, I'll have 50 pets and have the skunk pet.

Of course they just added the 75 pet achievement. I think you get a fawn? It's a salt lick so that makes me think it's a deer.
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2009-01-20 01:04 pm

No, I didn't watch it.

I was busy patching my World of Warcraft! NEW PATCH TODAY!! That's all the news I care about.

And if I hadn't been patching, I would have been sleeping or else found something else to do.

I think I have watched way too much tv to be impressed by RL. Someone tried to impress upon the import of this moment in HISTORY. *fanfare and such* But this presidential election was NEVER about race. Worf is the president on Heroes and Jonas Blaine is/was (I'm waaay behind on my 24) the Prez. So it's not even a strain on the brain to imagine that any black man could become President. Ok so maybe not Snoop Dogg and that's realy sad, but he's already the President of the Funk. Well maybe the VP of Funk cuz I think the job is still being held by Bootsy, but I could be wrong.

I mean YAY I'm glad that we have officially crossed the line, but I'm not tearing up because at last there's vindication. I mean seriously? But eh, maybe I've seen too much Star Trek to be impressed by present day.

That's my less than one penny take on it. But I'm just going to go play WoW where my ruler is an Orc. (Ok so technically I'm a Blood Elf and no way do I look up to those orcs. I'm just waiting to betray them. Well actually I'm even worse, I'm a Death Knight. So I lack compassion for the most part. Just call me 'Emancipated Borg.') My druid does anyway. Taurens love their Thrall. And Cairne.

In important news, our guild took down 3 drake Sarth last night and my husband won the Twilight Drake which is the coolest looking dragon mount in game bar none! Have you seen this thing? Yeah, it's cool. And the night before our 5 man group finally completed 25 minute Strat and *I* won the Bronze Drake. It is not as cool as the Twilight Drake.

I also lack 1 more pet to get Stinky the skunk pet. And I worked up my cooking on my DK to be able to do the Cooking Daily. I am also revered with Orgrimmar. One step closer to getting 100 mounts for the Dragon Hawk mount. And I got my Black War Worg! So yes, I'm doing good.

ETA Well still waiting for the realm servers to come back online. In the meantime, I've read the patch notes.

Firstly DK glyphs were completely reworked. For the good in most cases, but it changes which glyphs I want. Well at least one of them is completely useless. Of course that has more to do with the DK spell changes then the glyph. The glyph was pointless, but I don't like what it does now compared to another glyph. I like the Death Grip glyph. It's nice for pulling quickly aka 25 minute Strat run. (Did I mention that my group tried again to get the mount last night, but failed because we had a party member dc right before the 3rd boss? Yet we continued on to finish the entire run without him? How's that for leet?!)

Lots of changes for DKs. We knew it was coming though so no big surprise. I'll have to get a new glyph and learn a new spell when servers are back up.

Some titansteel items lost stats. Like the Spiked Titansteel helm, I just made two of those in the past 2 days. It completely lost all of its stamina. It had about 110 stamina on it and now there is no stamina at all.

As for the druid, she can finally learn polearms. So we'll be learning that and going to the banished demon for skillups. I believe the higher armor kits will now require frozen orbs, but we'll see. They weren't listed on MMO champ.

Big nerfs to priest glyphs. They had 3 glyphs changed and 2 out of 3 were ones that Matt had. It's a good thing for PVP, but I'd rather deal with it in PVP than lose it for instances. Oh well.

Also added a sta/str ring for Kirin Tor. Guess I'll have to hurry to exalted now. I won't use the ring for anything other than PVP/Damage gear (like I ever get to DPS lawl, always the tank) but I like the free hearth. I'm also farming Kara for the boots from Wizard of Oz event.

There are now new PVP gear in WG. Looks like stuff I might go for, but we'll see. And a new sigil that I really like. Who doesn't like def stats?? I have over 50 Heroism banked so I'll get that as soon as servers are back up.

Also Lock summoning is bugged at the moment. It has a 2 minute cooldown on it. LAWL! Summoning ftl

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2009-01-17 01:23 pm


I was going to make this post about how I feel my commitment waning for TR lately. Contain those gasps of amazement! I know it seems unthinkable given all of those posts I've made about it. But I have learned a lot about myself and about the kind of RP I enjoy. Tabula Rasa is an amazing game filled with so many talented storycrafters and tellers. The mods have put so much work into the game. Period. Just so much work. It's amazing.

But if I'm putting up a post to have people convince me of why the game is so awesome that I need to keep playing it, I think I've made up my mind.

I'm not going to quit just yet. There's a side of me that has a difficult time differentiating when I am just giving up or when I am just being doggedly determined for a lost cause. Am I just wanting to give up because I've been overwhelmed lately with work and illness or am I just wanting to keep playing a game because I would hate to a) see my pups go home b) miss the muns I adore there? I should get myself on the mend before I make final decisions.

So that being said, I have decided that I like a bit more free form with my RP. I have a short attention span when it comes to boring and mundane. I want fantasy and funny and silly and random. Pokemon and clones were some of the most fun RP moments. And yet so was Harry Potter. Six Word Stories is great for the non-committal types, but I do have moments where I want something more.

I was thinking about putting up some random stories/RPs that anyone could tag in. I don't know if anyone at all would be interested in doing this, but I'm pretty sure I have talked myself into at least giving it a try. Here's to me not backing out or getting too busy.

On the TR aspect of things, maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew.

PS Remember I mentioned blood work on Thursday? I've got this heinous small bruise forming. It's a bit painful too. Hooray for tiny veins, I guess. =\
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2009-01-16 06:15 am

(no subject)

I haven't posted here in a while. I haven't done much of anything in a while.

Last we left off, I was having PCOS issues. That eventually did stop. Then I caught Unknown Virus. I have been completely wiped of energy for the whole week. I slept 14 hours yesterday and could have gone for more. Today, I've been a little more conscious. But it's mostly involved me sitting at the computer playing video games that don't require creativity.

So there's where I have been. I'm supposed to be out of work another two days. I also requested to change my 12 hour days to something more manageable. 12 hours is fine mentally. I can get around being at work that long, but apparently I am unable to do so physically. Kinda sucks. D:

ETA I totally forgot to complain about one thing which was the whole reason I wanted to post.

So I went to the doctor on Monday and he said probably inner ear infection, nothing to give for it except to treat the symptoms. Should be better in a few days. Not better on Thursday, feeling much worse. Based on symptoms not sure what is going on. SO THEY DREW BLOOD. yay. From the side of my arm. It's still sore. It's not the blood drawing. It's the difficulty of getting blood out of me. QQ
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2009-01-01 12:02 pm

Merry New Year!

So wow! I go spend a few days leveling my drood and thus having no time for LJ. Having accomplished my goal of reaching 77 and becoming a Merrymaker with my druid, I found myself with too much adrenaline for sleep. But seriously livejournal, is everyone ok? There seems to be a lot more drama than is necessary. Especially with the election a good two months behind us now.

I have NO 2009 calendars. I'm stunned. To give you an idea, I have 8 2008 calendars. THREE on the wall next to my computer, 1 in the bedroom, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom and 2 by my husband's computer (these were gifts to him, he is not obsessive about calendars like I am). It's more of a shopping/deal finding compulsion than I MUST HAVE CALENDARS FOR EVERY EVENT IN MY LIFE! I just liking buying 1 and getting 1 free with the 50% discounts. I'm terrible like that. Only I've literally had no time for any shopping.

So Christmas was marvelous. I wish I could have spent some time with some of you! But it was great! A good time was had and since we stopped by my mom's house in Christmas Eve, we didn't have the rushing to her house after we got to Matt's folks.

New Years was going to be smallish, but I decided I wanted some celebration and went a little crazy with food. Our refrigerator was already stuffed with Christmas leftovers. We made out like bandits and got all of the leftovers from the Whites! Score!

Six dogs is now back to four again. I love puppies, especially those that belong to other people who can take them back to their houses. Unfortunately, Connor is sick again. Apparently he's been licking his paws terribly. I'm not sure if it's allergy related or if he's getting gunk on them from the backyard. Either way, his toes are looking slightly necrotic. Or a few of them are. So I've clean them with the medicated pads I was given from the vet, given up on the pads, used peroxide, then iodine and then cleaned his ears. Because of course, he also has an ear infection. I bought him some protective booties for his paws. He'll be so delighted. Or not.

The best part of about all of this is despite his paws looking horrible and probably being extremely painful, he's still playful and sweet. He's such a good boy. All of my dogs are awesome.

I started my new schedule. 12 hours on Monday and Friday and 6 hours on Saturday (plus 30 minutes for lunch on all three days). I like the three days off in the middle. I felt like I should have gone to work on Tuesday, but it was great being able to sleep in. I slept in about 3 hours though. Which is nothing compared to what I used to do.

I guess that's it really. I've just been really busy and foresee being really busy to continue into 2009.

<333 u LJ & flist,

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2008-12-26 01:41 pm
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(no subject)

WHY IS CHRISTMAS OVER?!?!? I want Christmas all year. And I don't just mean the friendly holiday spirit. I want Teh Music too. Just one station that plays the good stuff. Classic Bing, Frank, Harry Connick Jr's Mary's Boy Child. My brother-in-law didn't even know who Bing Crosby was!!!!!!!!!! I don't care if he's only 23. NOT AN EXCUSE!

Work is less than fun. I want to be at home with family. Christmas itself was too much running around even though it was a truly awesome one.

Puppies are so much work. Our extra puppy is exhausting and stubborn.

ETA: Phone posting for the lose. Tiny buttons are so hard to press some times.
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2008-12-23 04:46 pm
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(no subject)

I have SIX dogs in my house.

I have decided that Sasha looks like a real life verison of Scooby Doo. Maybe I'll post some pictures of her when I get home.

The next few days are going to be crazy. Tonight I go home and wrap presents (because I totally haven't started yet). Then tomorrow work 9 a - 5 p (I get off 1/2 an hour early b/c we close at 5 p). Go home, let six dogs out, take four dogs over to my mom's house and have Christmas there. Christmas, wake up too early for a day off and go to the in-laws, spend half the day there, then off to grandparents then home again to let six dogs out again.

I get tired just thinking about it.
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2008-12-04 04:36 pm

(no subject)

I took a five hour nap. I feel better now.
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2008-12-02 03:37 pm
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Survey Meme

Oooo the wrongly named Controversy Survey. Lawl.

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My defense on my DK is looking amazing! Nearly to 540 now. I do miss bear tanking. I knew how to do it. Yesterday I was doing an AoE and breaking sheep the whole time, but I didn't even realize it. I had just respecced and used the spell rotation listed. Oops, one of those spells was for AoE tanking. I have so much to learn as a new class. I think I'm going to be changing my spec again, 3rd time since hitting 80. I want a little more Blood/healing. But I need to try a few things out when the servers come back up.

OMG I need to go to the DMV. I think our registration expired on the car and I don't remember getting the letter to renew. It just popped up in our bill reminder in MS Money and I keep forgetting to go get it renewed.
basildestiny: (Tyrael)
2008-11-30 10:25 pm
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DING 80!!

I finally hit 80 today with my DK.

It was right after our Alliance Leaders Guild Raid. We all got Black Bear Mounts for free from Thrall for taking down all four of those suckas. Woot! Horde has cooler leaders. XD

Friday, I think it was, our guild got server first Naxx clear! Woot! We were, of course, still grinding. And we'll be turning around and doing it again later.

In the meantime, we'll be doing instance farming with our friends.

This is good news for TR. I can finally catch up!