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Friday, January 16th, 2009 06:15 am
basildestiny: (Bloody Zack)
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I haven't posted here in a while. I haven't done much of anything in a while.

Last we left off, I was having PCOS issues. That eventually did stop. Then I caught Unknown Virus. I have been completely wiped of energy for the whole week. I slept 14 hours yesterday and could have gone for more. Today, I've been a little more conscious. But it's mostly involved me sitting at the computer playing video games that don't require creativity.

So there's where I have been. I'm supposed to be out of work another two days. I also requested to change my 12 hour days to something more manageable. 12 hours is fine mentally. I can get around being at work that long, but apparently I am unable to do so physically. Kinda sucks. D:

ETA I totally forgot to complain about one thing which was the whole reason I wanted to post.

So I went to the doctor on Monday and he said probably inner ear infection, nothing to give for it except to treat the symptoms. Should be better in a few days. Not better on Thursday, feeling much worse. Based on symptoms not sure what is going on. SO THEY DREW BLOOD. yay. From the side of my arm. It's still sore. It's not the blood drawing. It's the difficulty of getting blood out of me. QQ
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