Monday, January 26th, 2009


Monday, January 26th, 2009 11:43 am
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I finally got around to seeing Bolt. In 3D no less! There were three other families in the movie with us, but I think Matt and I enjoyed it the most.

He really didn't want to see this movie. It's always so hit and miss with kids' movies. Kung Fu Panda was hilarious, but Wall-E was pretty boring. Especially since we'd seen Kung Fu Panda first and Wall-E was supposed to be just the best kids' movie of the year (or so the hype would have led you to believe). He tried to get me to see it with my sister or my mom or our friend who also has a White German Shepherd, but none of those panned out. I was just going to see it by myself despite comments that he'd go with me if I couldn't find anyone to go. Finally I decided that we'd go see Bolt and then we'd go see a movie he wanted to see right after so it wouldn't be a total wasted day for him.

Well this movie was awesome! I loved it. I teared up in it a little. For someone who owns a German Shepherd, he is right on. I even talk to my dog like Penny talked to Bolt. My husband who could care less about cats even liked the cat in the story! It's definitely a keeper and one we'll be getting for the kids.

I just couldn't say enough good things about the movie. Now I want a White German Shepherd. A girl though. And she probably wouldn't be called Bolt. Though when I was younger, I wanted to have two dogs and name them 'Thunder' and 'Lightning' or something similar maybe in French or something so it didn't sound completely lame. I don't know if the White German Shepherd will be my next dog or not. I still really want a Collie; however, I am completely sold on the German Shepherd.

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